How to cook for a farmer

Step 1: Ask him when he wants to eat Step 2:Since you already know he is going to be late (because cows hate for you to eat a hot lunch) have the food ready 30-45 minutes after his stated time Step 3: Check the time and realize he's an hour late Step 4: Answer the... Continue Reading →

It’s raining on Sunday

It stormed last night...enough that Lynn didn't stay for sunday-school after church and went to go check fences for damage caused by falling trees in the wind. Since it was cold and wet we stayed for Sunday school. The girls and I had a late lunch, put on our sweatpants and cozy flannel and took... Continue Reading →

Claire Grace says grace.

Typically at our house at dinner time, Caroline says grace.  Claire has been wanting to participate as well.  Since it seems like terrible parenting to prevent your child from praying, we oblige, and the girls take turns. Last week, she folded her hands, closed her eyes and said... "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of... Continue Reading →

Priority check

​After everything that has happened with terrible fires to the north of us in Sevier County/Gatlinburg and devastating storms to the south in McMinn and Polk counties, sad news of loss of life, sickness and yet other friends dealing with the death of dear ones..the rabid consumerism that has tried to taint the Christmas season... Continue Reading →

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