Garden time

There is some saying about how the cobbler's kids get their shoes last. I forget how it goes. It's similar with the farmers family getting their garden put in. Of course, I could man up and do it myself... Or not. Come-on. Be reasonable people. It may seem odd, but we do not live on... Continue Reading →

The views aren’t bad

Sometimes I get peeved that we can't have a nice lazy family Sunday afternoon. But then it's gorgeous outside after what feels like 10 straight years of rain...and it's just nice to be outside...and I feel guilty for being peeved.

No kids at the grocery store

I went to the store today withOUT the ratbabies.  It was quiet. It was peaceful. I could read my grocery-list in its entirety and not have to peel a small person off a merchandising display. It was lovely. Except Nobody told me ANY jokes. Nobody fought over who got to hold my hand. There was... Continue Reading →

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