Friday the 13th

In the time it took to put on my pants this morning Claire painted her feet and hands with nail polish and drawn on her hands and arms with a magic marker.

Lively that one.

After work Lynn had Caroline so I took Claire to the grocery store.

While at the store, we crossed paths with a mature lady wearing a tube top that was headed in a southern direction.

Of course Claire noticed. She ran towards the lady (I’m estimating Claire got about a yard away) and pointed. At the top of her healthy lungs she yelled “Boobies Mama! She Nakkey! Need CLOTHES! Nakkey! Boobies! Mama! Get her DRESSED!”

Lord help me. Humiliated doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The lady looked around confused, I can only hope she didn’t understand Claire’s baby-talk. I apologized and grabbed my precious angel-baby and scurried away like a roach scurries from light. I felt exactly like I imagine a roach feels too.

Just when I think I can’t be humbled more than I am….I go to the store with my children.

We spent a long time petting my father-in-laws new to him, secondhand farm dog. Caroline loves him. His name is Seymour.

Photo cred to my mother-in-law

Then I tried to help Lynn figure out how to switch the conductors on a plug in a tractor, but we ran out of daylight.

Any ideas friends?

While we were busy, the girls locked themselves in the cattle trailer.

It is kind of like a big aluminum playpen, with a certain aroma

Happy Friday friends. TGIF!

Manure, shoes and pies. (Warning. Poop post)

Today we saw the sure sign of spring on the Farm.

Note the dirty streaks

Yep. Manure.

But not just regular manure, the especially runny spring time manure.

It means the cows are eating some of that new spring grass, that is tender because it’s full of water, rather than the dry hay the cattle have been eating all winter.
Which is gross, but it means there is grass growing to be eaten. Which means winter is really over. So hurray for poop! (Yes – I know that makes me weird)

Sad story. My favorite shoes of all time (chaco flips) came apart today. They have been with me on most of my major life events/trips since right after we were married. I’m so sad.

My sad, sad shoes.

But, know what makes us happy? Fried Pies. (Thanks Pioneer Woman) Claire picked out the flavors, Caroline helped fill them. They turned out great I think.

I am sure these are healthy. Positive.

And then this Meme. Because it made me laugh today.


Have a great Sunday friends.

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