No kids at the grocery store

I went to the store today withOUT the ratbabies. 

It was quiet. It was peaceful. I could read my grocery-list in its entirety and not have to peel a small person off a merchandising display.

It was lovely.

Nobody told me ANY jokes.
Nobody fought over who got to hold my hand.

There was absolutely no one at the store that got so excited about anything (and everything) they literally jumped up and down and screamed with joy.

Nothing embarrassing (but funny) happened. At all.

No one danced by the frozen foods.

There were no fights over the shopping cart.

I got zero hugs, and zero kisses.

It was normal, and boring….and a little bit lonely.
Good golly …. I think I actually missed grocery shopping with my lovely children, and all of their talkative, distracting, messy glory. 

This doesn’t mean taking them to the store in the future won’t eat at what little sanity I have left. 

But part of me will sure be happy they are there. I’m certainly going to work on appreciating what I’ve got.

Have a great week friends. 

At the grocery store

Stopped by the store because the kids drank all the milk. I had a coupon for a birthday cake that came (quite belatedly) for Claire’s birthday. But, cakes cake.

Caroline laid on the floor and wailed because “why is Claire always the special one” after I explained to her that we would all eat it together.

Then at the checkout when I’m trying to pay I hear a scuffle and some screams behind me. It’s Caroline, dragging Claire backwards by a grimy little handful of hair.

I break up that and separate them and again they start squalling. Claire is the aggressor this time, trying to kick her sister in the face.

I’m looking into taking a “Girl Drama 101” class…anyone know of one?

At least the rascals are cute.

More broccoli peez.
I asked her to stop talking so I could take a pic. This is what I got.

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