June finally

It’s been a minute since I blogged.

The entire month of May is crazy hectic and absolutely exhausting for me and Lynn both.

But we’ve finally got a little room to breathe. Or at least I have, and happy Mama, happy life…or something along those lines.

The girls are growing at lightening speed. They are also flexing their strong wills, testing me and each other.

I know they will need that someday, but I might have threatened to sell Caroline to the circus today as the “girl who never stops talking sideshow”.

Probably not my proudest parenting moment.

It’s probably not too out of character for me because she laughed uproariously slapped her knee and launched into another verbose and loud story. (What kid slaps their knee? I thought that was reserved for the 65+ crowd)

Caroline is old enough to hang with the farmers all day now. Although it completely wipes her out.

Claire is not ready for that but still prefers the farm over everything else.

They are wild children, reminiscent of the feral “dog boy child” with their shrieks and climbing and leaping. And then, when I least expect it they switch gears and become polite and proper society girls and demand everyone around them use polite manners.

They are happy and loving and are thriving.

Lynn and his dad baled some 340 some bales of hay today. He sent me this picture when he got done. Quite the office view.

He is the hardest worker I know, and I hope we can teach the girls that strong work ethic.

Anyway that’s where we are now. Glad May is over, and happy it’s June.

Thanks for reading friends.

Tired dirty kids

If only I had the energy these two do.

Running for fun

And as if that wasn’t enough

More running for fun

But they are sweet, and funny.

I don’t know HOW Claire doesn’t sleep all night.

Picking wildflowers is a good way to pass time while waiting on our favorite farmer.

Caroline made me this picture. Notice she spelled “Love” LOB. I LOB it.

My sweet Caroline.

We did get to spend time together outside and not working, so that’s a giant plus.

Claire is getting braver

Some families take Sunday walks… Ours took a Sunday ride….

My three favorite people and a really cool view
I'm pretty sure the horses are supposed to herd the cattle...not the other way around

On one of the rented farms, we came across a field of these pear trees…and I got excited because pear pie, pear jelly, pear crisp, but after a quick search turned up this I was disappointed. Invasive species. Of course Lynn already knew that and had told me, but a girl can dream right?

One of the not delightful pears

I cannot believe the weekend is over already!

Kitty is entirely to patient

Have a great Monday friends!

Pony time

Claire asked to sit on the pony and the horse today. First time she’s asked to touch them. She might make a horse person yet.

First time horseback. Finally.
Sweet Caroline and her pony friend

I love these sweet, wild, crazy girls.

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