Tired dirty kids

If only I had the energy these two do.

Running for fun

And as if that wasn’t enough

More running for fun

But they are sweet, and funny.

I don’t know HOW Claire doesn’t sleep all night.

Picking wildflowers is a good way to pass time while waiting on our favorite farmer.

Caroline made me this picture. Notice she spelled “Love” LOB. I LOB it.

My sweet Caroline.

We did get to spend time together outside and not working, so that’s a giant plus.

Claire is getting braver

Some families take Sunday walks… Ours took a Sunday ride….

My three favorite people and a really cool view
I'm pretty sure the horses are supposed to herd the cattle...not the other way around

On one of the rented farms, we came across a field of these pear trees…and I got excited because pear pie, pear jelly, pear crisp, but after a quick search turned up this I was disappointed. Invasive species. Of course Lynn already knew that and had told me, but a girl can dream right?

One of the not delightful pears

I cannot believe the weekend is over already!

Kitty is entirely to patient

Have a great Monday friends!


Pony time

Claire asked to sit on the pony and the horse today. First time she’s asked to touch them. She might make a horse person yet.

First time horseback. Finally.
Sweet Caroline and her pony friend

I love these sweet, wild, crazy girls.

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