No nap for Me

Thank the Lord, we got rain Saturday morning. Not a whole lot...but it definitely made a difference.  After church today, the girls and I were scrambling to get socks and jackets to go "help" him feed when his phone rang. "Hello? Uh-huh. Oh. Ok. I'll be right there, mmmBye."  The girls and I had all... Continue Reading →

Walland fire

The sight is grim. Nothing between us and the raging fire except a mountain full of a whole lot of dry, dry vegetation . It is a helpless feeling. At this point it's a few miles away. Saying prayers for those of our neighbors right in the path. What a good long hard rain would... Continue Reading →

Still dry

That's not fog or smoke. That's dust.  This particular drought is limited to the southeast. That is good news for consumers. Today when I took Claire to see Lynn and his dad working (Caroline was playing at a friend's house) I was amazed at the powdery dryness of the dirt. I felt like I was... Continue Reading →

Election day

I took the day off today.  Since I early voted it was just me, the wild/feral children and a long to-do list. I told them to put some clothes on, thinking that I could wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt and at least run errands in comfort.  THIS is how they marched out of their... Continue Reading →

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