My kid ran away today

Claire was by my side while I talked to her teacher about a minor scrap she got into with a classmate today. (I need to teach her to never start a fight she can’t win….JUST KIDDING)

She yelled “get Sissy” and ran out the door. I looked over my shoulder to grab her lunchbox while I walked after her. When I looked back, she was GONE.

Oh, crap.

I looked in big sis’s classroom. No Claire.

What a hassle.

Up and down the hall. No Claire.

I’m going to have to make her hold my hand always.

In the bathroom. No Claire.

This is not good.

Panicking I tried the parking lot. No Claire. (Unless of course she’s already been kidnapped and stuffed in a trunk)

Now my heart is beating in my ears and I’m fixing to cry.

I looked outside again, in each of the rooms, behind the toys she likes to hide behind NO CLAIRE.

Almost in full meltdown/panic mode and…

I hear…”Is this yours?” And I see Carolines teacher holding a reluctant Claire by the hand. She had crowded in with a group of kids and parents and slipped through the door to the playground, and then made it through the playground gate the same way.

So this afternoon I had a minor heart attack, aged 10 years and got twice as many grey hairs as I already have to hide. And Claire got in trouble for running off. (Even though technically she DID tell me where she was going. )

For some reason I dont think she feels guilty for scaring me to death.

Before & afters

Found an old framed print at the thrift store, wanted to make it “new” and cheerful and hang it on the wall here.

I like to change things up sometimes and since I’m running out of furniture rearranging options, the walls it is.

Before. For me there is nowhere to go but up

My goal: A bright, cheerful, kitschy wall hanging.

Using the original as a basic outline and lots of bright colored paints…here’s what I got.

After unframed - you can see the colors better here.
In its purple frame up on the wall.

I realize that it’s probably a very obnoxious piece of decor for most, but I like it. And its me that is going to look at it so….there.
And Caroline says she thinks it’s beautiful. (Doesn’t matter if she’s only 4, and has never seen good art..right?)

The girls are going to make me some to hang in small rectangular frames I painted in the same purple I painted this frame. Because purple is my favorite.

Claire is quite the grocery carrier these days. Hurray for help!

She might still like a paci, but she's a grocery carrying brute.

Four years ago today was the day sweet Caroline met my Mema. It was instant love for both, and Caroline still remembers her daily. I sure miss Mema’s kindred spirit, and all the laughter we shared!


Have a great week friends!

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