Help yourself to some eardrops.

Oh Claire. She a fiercely independent child.  Her favorite sentence is "I do it MYSELF" So I let her do it herself. A lot. Get dressed. Brush her teeth. Set the table. Get herself something to drink. Zip her lunchbox... anything she can do, I let her. So when she went in the bathroom this... Continue Reading →

Harvest time

Because of the extremely hot and dry weather we have had here in East Tn, harvest started early. Lynn works long days and comes home with no energy left, and parched from long hours in the sun with little to drink. (Don't harass me about packing him a cooler...he won't take it) Since he's utterly... Continue Reading →

The fruits of their labor

Between work and this sinus crud I've been fighting, I finally got around to taking the girls to deposit their calf checks this week. Taking a friend's advice, I told them they could each have $25 of it to spend however they wanted. Clothes, hairbows, markers, movies, candy, toys....whatever. This was an overwhelmingly delightful thought... Continue Reading →

I killed my kids pet fish

Today I was cleaning and noticed the fish tank was turning green. Ew. So I put the fish in containers and started emptying out the water and cleaning out the tank. I refilled it, and settled in the gravel.  So I wouldn't get the old gross water in with the clean water I poured the... Continue Reading →

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