Saying prayers 

Last night as I was tucking my sweet girls into their beds. First, Caroline. She says special bedtime prayers. First she prayed (she's very thorough in her prayers- I'm so thankful for this kid who a lot of the time is absolutely nothing like me) for people who might be sick, and thankful prayers for... Continue Reading →

Only moderately crazy.

Today I felt crazy. Even crazier than normal. For the past 4-5 days Claire has been belligerent.  Every single thing I have asked her has gone like this. Me- "Claire, would you rather take your frog (toy) to your room or put it on the shelf?" (Trying to trick her into thinking she had a... Continue Reading →


We've got to go to the grocery store. Yuck. I told the girls that we would go to the store and then watch our new copy of The Little Mermaid. 8:15am. Claire "Mama, help me get dressed" Me "Can't you just dress yourself?" She always dresses herself. Claire, looking pitiful and doing the eye-batting thing... Continue Reading →

Springtime on the farm

It's springtime on the farm.  Yes, that means baby animals for some species, the calving season is well underway it's time to vaccinate the winter and spring calves to protect them from preventable diseases.  The girls favorite TV show is "The Incredible Dr. Pol" (   that's not an affiliate link, we just like... Continue Reading →


When y’all realized I am crazy…

Between Three Waters

It appears we have reached the teenage years at age 4.

Yesterday I chauffeured Caroline, her friend and Claire to a birthday party last night.

It was supposed to be a pool party, but it stormed with a lot of wind and thunder and lightening.

Obviously no swimming.

When I loaded up the kids she started.

Caroline : Why you not let me swim

Me: Because there was lightening and I didnt want you to die

Caroline:(30 minutes of complaints and whining)

Me: Caroline, I cannot allow you to continue to treat me like this.

I dropped off the friend, picked up some dinner for Lynn and the backseat situation was drastically escalating.

Me:(repeating to myself, don’t engage – she is looking for a reaction)

Caroline: You are the MEANEST MOMMY EVER! I want to live with someone ELSE! Aaaahhh! Wooohoooo!HELP!(Pounding the back of my seat…

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I'm spring-cleaning it this week. I am doing my best to stay home and let the girls (and myself) relax and finish up things we've started and MAYBE EVEN CLEAN. (Don't hold your breath on that one though!) I scrounged these old come crates from an old milking shed on the farm a while back.... Continue Reading →

Life and Death with baby chicks

The 4-H chickens came in to our office this week. I was available to help -so I did. It's a great thing I love chickens. Way back in the day I spent many hours memorizing chicken breeds, brooding temperatures and other fun tidbits. I also showed purebred breeds in fairs and at other chicken shows.... Continue Reading →

Oh Claire

I'm trying to get some computer work done in a "for credit" class I'm taking. I thought Claire was being cooperative. Until I looked at her. Yep. She's found a curtain rod somewhere.  (Probably off her bedroom window when she was supposed to be picking up one pair of shoes in her room) She's trying... Continue Reading →

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