Christmas day

Church this morning.
She felt all grown up with her new shoes and her new necklace
Claire has her own funky freespirited style

While his mama ate feed and licked up some minerals, this Christmas eve baby was brave enough to approach the girls. He let Caroline pet him and scampered off when Claire thundered up in her too big rubber boots to see.

This isn’t the best cowherd we have by any stretch, but I’ve always liked this pasture. And the cow-personalities who reside here.

Lynn and the girls got in the cab tractor with two seats and went to feed hay in another field. I checked this field to see if they needed hay, and they did. I was instructed to wait here and open this gate so the tractor would not slide on the hill. So I sat here almost half an hour, in the nearly 70 degree sunshine listening to the sounds of birds, the stream gurgling and cows lowing to their calves. Occasionally I would see a flash of silver in the sky from a high-flying airplane. I needed this few minutes of solitude and peace today.

I hope you have had a great day today. Merry Christmas Friends.

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