The whining tree

So – my Caroline has random freak-outs.Think if you are being held hostage, except instead of a gun the bad guy is screaming, kicking, growling and gnashing while making unreasonable demands..but you can’t just “walk away from it”..and that’s pretty much it.

She can scream and fake cry for literally hours, until one of the following happens

A. She gets her way (I don’t want to encourage this rottenness so I make my best attempt to never let this happen.)

B. She gets distracted (very rare)

C. She decides she is finished.

I don’t know what to do. Punishment, bribes, and removing privileges don’t work. Neither does hugs and snuggles.

Typically she is demanding that Lynn return home from work. So…I can’t make that trigger stop because farmers gotta farm.

Sometimes, she throws fits over say ” I want ice cream”.

The only strategy I know to do is send her to a cool down spot to give what shreds of sanity I have left a break, and to let her mellow and decide she wants to stop.

Unfortunately I can’t handle angry screaming right next to me for long-drawn-out-amounts of time. It makes my heart rate fly up, my head pound and my patience die a painful death.

Enter: The Whining Tree.
It’s a part of the fenced in backyard that she is banished to where she can scream to her hearts content. (Sorry neighbors) She can climb it, dig in the dirt, throw sticks or kick the tree. Whatever. Just stay there until you finish, and quit screaming before you rejoin the family activities.

Caroline celebrating Mothers Day with a robust temper tantrum.

I am doing my best – and right now, this is the best idea I’ve got. If you have a better idea, I am all ears.

Obviously I don’t send her there in bad weather or after dark, or while I’m not monitoring her… but since it’s 75 and sunny with a light breeze today…well…you have to make use of your resources.

I love my sensitive, high strung, intelligent and Sweet Caroline. I don’t really like screaming though.

Have a wonderful Sunday friends.

It’s Friday. Do you know where your kids are?


Since I’m in the running for mom-of-the-year (sarcasm) I’ve kicked my kids outside while I brown some of our farm raised hamburger (that sounds fancy and might win me back some mom-points) for tacos tonight.

These pitiful neglected children have tons of outdoor toys, a soccer ball I asked Caroline to practice with tonight, a playset/swing and various and sundry other things. Know what they are doing?

Burying Carolines bike in the garden by hand.. and occasionally using their
shoes as shovels.


Also the are climbing (and breaking limbs off) the cherry tree.


Don’t fret. The yard is fenced and the gates are locked…so it will take them at least 45 seconds to escape.

Hopefully I can look up from dinner-making at least once a minute or so and they won’t get too far.
Kidding. It actually takes them about 2 minutes to scale the fence…so we are good.

Whatever. I’ve got dinner to cook and it’s nice and quiet in here. So frolic away wild girls, tonight you get baths with SOAP.

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