Convictions from kid-fights.

Now, when I don't like something I typically grouch about it. So this isn't a sermon. I ain't no preacher yo. Last night my girls were griping and fighting about doing the easy tasks I asked them to do. (think, set out paper napkins and pick up trash they just threw on the floor) Tired,... Continue Reading →

The Jessicaland bubble

I live in a bubble. I call it Jessicaland. Part of it is from my easily-distracted nature.  Three times in my life (as a child, in my early twenties and again in my thirties) I have been officially diagnosed with ADHD.....I call it "OOOh, look! Squirrel!"  Once I had kids it got significantly worse. For... Continue Reading →

The Village

Besides my kids, I'm not genetically related to anyone in the state. That made me lonely for a long time...I wanted to raise my kids in a "village" by which I mean looked after and loved by many.. And by loved, I mean loved enough to be corrected when they aren't living up to their... Continue Reading →

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