Seasonal farmer spouse

If you are married to a farmer, you know this - we have seasonal spouses. Fall- kiss them everytime you see them, because you won't seen them much. Fall is harvest time, the time if year where literally you reap the rewards of a years work in the fields. On our farm that means corn... Continue Reading →

Tired dirty kids

If only I had the energy these two do. Running for fun And as if that wasn't enough More running for fun But they are sweet, and funny. I don't know HOW Claire doesn't sleep all night. Caroline made me this picture. Notice she spelled "Love" LOB. I LOB it. We did get to spend... Continue Reading →

Picnic and the poor cat

Joined my "old" friend and her kids for a picnic and frolicking at Metcalf bottoms. We walked. We looked. We walked some more. We snacked. The kids wallered in the creek. Then the kids slept. (I know the chest clip is low. She was trying to escape and pulled it down) This afternoon after a... Continue Reading →

Love these girls

I love em. Love spending my days with them...its easier to be a better, kinder, more patient parent on these days I don't have to work. Wish it didn't have to end! Great day.

Painting and picking up.

The girls are giddy with the freedom of spring break. And by giddy, I mean wild and raucous. So we mostly stayed home today. They painted some, while I drank coffee and sat on the back porch. Tried to clean the house, but none of us were very that didn't go well. We kidnapped... Continue Reading →


I planted flower bulbs back when I had time. (aka - pre-kid) Several were killed by errant weed-killer (Ah-HEM husband). But quite a few were not. Daffodils are the first to bloom in our yard every year, and to me they signal spring is approaching which means HOPE that the nasty grey wetness of winter... Continue Reading →

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