Today is Sunday.

The girls and I did housework while Lynn checked on the cows today. He had a couple calves he wanted to check back up on. 

This cow had her bull-calf on the edge of the creek. When it was born, it slid down the bank into the creek. Luckily they were able to get it out before it suffered any ill effects. Mama cow and calf didn’t figure out nursing right away so Lynn put her in the nice dry barn so he could check on their progress. 

Both are doing well. This straw filled barn hallway is a peaceful place to start life.
In order to not disturb the Cow and her calf we told the girls to not talk around them. High pitched kid voices can upset tense livestock.
Claire volunteered to carry the empty bucket that we used to refill the cows big water bucket

Then Lynn installed something that ever-so-thoughtful Santa put in his Christmas stocking….A rain guage. Claire thought the drill was too loud…she might be a little dramatic.


One worker, one supervisor, and one dramatic ear coverer

Then Lynn checked on another calf and Caroline held the gates. Because she’s “Daddy’s big helper”

As usual Claire had a good time. It’s pouring rain now, glad it held off while we were outside.

Have a good week friends.

Picnic and the poor cat

Joined my “old” friend and her kids for a picnic and frolicking at Metcalf bottoms.

We walked.


We looked.


We walked some more.


We snacked.

The kids wallered in the creek.


Then the kids slept. (I know the chest clip is low. She was trying to escape and pulled it down)


This afternoon after a farm trip when  me and the ratbabies were outside, they were suspiciously quiet. So I walked over to see what exactly they were doing.

It was the poor cat. Under a wire basket flower container. Being fed cereal (not exactly against her will….I may add) with grimy little hands.

Poor cat. I made them turn her loose and we talked about “NOT putting kitty under the flowerpot again”.

Even if she’s hungry and doesn’t know it.
Even if it’s easier to pet her like that.
And any other ” even ifs” I could think of.


Poor cat is a saint.

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