Kid leashes

“I’ll never put a leash on MY kid”….my pre-kid self thought smugly.

I’m pretty sure God shook His head at me that day

And then I had Claire.

Good golly day that kid is wild.

In the past 24 hours she has

  • Danced on the AC unit outside while playing the kazoo
  • Leapt off a swing and bit a hole in her tounge (she didn’t cry, just yelled in frustration when I wouldn’t let her stand on the swing again to “finish her trick”)
  • Walked up and down the back of the couch multiple times…twice backwards with her eyes closed
  • Jumped off the dining room table
  • Jumped off the kitchen table
  • Climbed the chain link fence using her toes and fingers
  • Tried to touch the ceiling on the back porch

And that’s just what she’s done while I’ve been watching. I can’t imagine what she does while I’m distracted.

I have repented of my judgemental ways and I need a kid leash…though she would probably just chew through it and run off. Just kidding….kind of.

I love her little free-spirited wild self.

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