Soft soled shoes

On Thanksgiving morning I had some time to help the girls with a craft. Their good friend Ms. Lisa from church gave them the kit one Sunday morning...and their slacker Mama is just getting around to helping them with it. Cute little thing, isn't it? I used the glue gun and the girls put the... Continue Reading →

The longest harvest

Last year with the depressing drought I wished for the harvest to be plentiful and for the bins to overflow. This year my wish was granted. The abundance of perfectly timed rain produced corn and soybeans that neared record yields for our farm. There is not enough room in the grain bins to store the... Continue Reading →

Career plans

Caroline says she wants to be a veterinarian... But maybe she will design cattle sale catalogs instead. ( Have a good week friends.

Helicopter mom

I struggle with the balance of letting my kids learn on their own, and making sure their projects are perfect. I never would have pegged myself as a controlling perfectionist ... But here I am fighting the urge to "help" my kids with everything. It's especially hard with Caroline. She has all these cool projects... Continue Reading →

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