My Mema’s recipe

Here is my favorite recipe of my Mema's. One that brings back wonderful memories and I enjoy making with my girls. Ready? Ingredients:  Graham Crackers Frosting Directions Put frosting on graham crackers Store in a Tupperware container (tupperware container required) That's it. Family traditions don't have to be fancy to create great memories.  Which is... Continue Reading →


While picking up the living room I saw an orange glow outside....afraid something was on fire I went out on the back porch to look.  The sunset was absolutely magnificent, photos can't compare.  I took a moment to enjoy a wonderful peaceful moment to end the day. Presently I heard little voices (that were supposed... Continue Reading →

Father’s day for farmers

We won't have a big celebration for Father's Day. There isn't time for that in a farmers schedule. The girls have requested to help with a dinner they planned of salad, fried chicken, onion rings and fried pies. They will make Lynn a card, and I got him some new work pants. Beyond that, it... Continue Reading →

Late for Church

The girls and I have been chasing rabbits out of our garden. (Maybe one of us is pretending to be Mr. McGregor...) We are trying to leave for church now after changing our shoes on the back porch. However.... Claire Grace has locked Caroline and I outside on the back porch (I left my car... Continue Reading →

It’s a beautiful life.

While Lynn has been farming like crazy, I've had a chance to spend extra time with the girls.  They are infinitely easier for me to manage this year as compared to last. I loved the snuggly baby stage, but I think my overall personality is better suited for parenting kids rather than babies. They are... Continue Reading →

Kind-of Family picnic

May was a whirlwind. I worked quite a bit extra to get things wrapped up in the 4-H world for the end of the year. Lynn has worked non-stop between rain showers and hasn't let up the pace yet. He comes home exhausted, eats dinner, showers and collapses until it's time to wake up and... Continue Reading →

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