My shameful secret

My husband said some pretty terrible things to me before he left this morning for work.

Things like “Please do some laundry, no one has clean underwear” and “Will you wash some dishes, they are starting to smell”

On my day off! Can you imagine? What a terrible way to talk to your spouse. My solution was everyone go commando (except Claire who wears disposable diapers) and to buy paper cups and plastic forks….but I decided to submit to his unreasonable demands JUST this once.

I hate folding laundry. I know I should be thankful we have clothes, a laundry room, etc…but sorting and folding is soul killing work.

So here is my shameful secret….are you ready for the horror of it?

My laundry room. Its ok to judge me for it. I probably deserve it.

Caroline is quite helpful with laundry. Claire is NOT.

Eating cheesy crackers and letting them crumble into the clean towels. *Sigh*

Despite Claire’s best efforts, we got everything cleaned up.

I can hear the angels singing.....or that might be my kids fighting. I can't tell.

AND I ran the dishwasher. Wife of the year award belongs to ME! (But then again, I fed the kids lunchables for lunch….so maybe not)

New laundry system.

My new system.
Stage 1.
Me – sort the clean clothes into baskets.
Caroline – fold towels, hand towels and washclothes and stack neatly
Claire- dance on the table naked while throwing things and laughing at at her hard working sister.

Stage 2
Me – Put clothes on hangers
Claire – (still naked) get clothes on hanger from me, run across the room, climb up the step stool and hand it to sissy.
Caroline – hang it in the closet while standing on a toy box.

It’s actually a vast improvement over the old system, which was the kids run wild while I thought about laundry, got overwhelmed with it gave up.
Plus the kids are tired. That’s a big plus.

Sisters putting away clean clothes.

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