Cold, windy day.

Last week two first time Mama cows and their newborn calves were moved to the home farm for assistance getting the hang of nursing. 

As they are now thriving, and yesterday it was time to move them back to where the other heifers and their calves are. Since this calf didn’t particularly want to get on the trailer, they had to help guide him.

Claire has had a cough and fever caused by an ear infection and I’ve had a bit of a fever as well so we stayed home from church this morning.

Sisters in the tractor buddy seat

Learning to drive. Shes pretty terrible at it.

This is the calf from the video. They checked it out carefully and all is well.

Claire is getting braver

Work baby work

This is a different cow/calf pair. This calf has had scours (calf diarrhea) but it is doing much better now. The Veterinarian that was out yesterday said it is probably caused by a selenium deficiency because soils in our area are naturally low in it. He suggested to give new calves a dose of a mineral mix in their first 24 hours of life to keep them heathy
This cow was interested in our activity

Lynn went to go check on two heifers that did not come in. They had brand new babies this morning, and he have them a little vitamin/mineral mix in their mouth. Since it was spitting snow and very windy the girls and I found shelter in the old milk parlor and the shop

Exploring the old milk parlor

Its kind of sad to see all the equipment lay there unused
Cleaning towels were used…and the boxes are still hanging
Caroline found a wooly worm. There is an old-wives tale that says these little guys can predict the weather. The way I read it is winter is supposed to start out cold and wind up warm. I am ok with that.
Fun times.
Then we moved to the shop to explore there. The girls climbed all over everything
The lawn mower used to mow around the barns to keep it looking neat
These girls! So worn out they took a three-hour nap today

Have a great week friends.

Mayan face tattoo

Claire decided that she wanted to give her appearance a more edgy look.

Something that said “tough”.

While she was using a inked stamp pad, she felt the urge of creativity.

Her inspiration

Inspiration. One tough looking dude.

Her re-creation

The smile cuts down on the “tough girl” persona. We will have to work on that.

It’s pretty close. Much more realistic than my Pinterest fails.

The Jessicaland bubble

I live in a bubble. I call it Jessicaland.

Part of it is from my easily-distracted nature. 

Three times in my life (as a child, in my early twenties and again in my thirties) I have been officially diagnosed with ADHD…..I call it “OOOh, look! Squirrel!” 

Once I had kids it got significantly worse.

For example, I was physically present at church Sunday (yesterday)…but I couldn’t tell you what the sermon was about, who is on the prayer list or what songs we sang. (Sorry Preacher. I promise I try.) I CAN tell you Claire took her shoes off three times, kept her eyes open during the prayer, and laid down on the pew once…And it was hot in the sanctuary. I might have taken my shoes off as well.

Because of this sometimes I miss socially important things. 

Like the name of the nice lady I talk to every Sunday (I friended you on Facebook yesterday after church when my husband told me your name)

Like the fact we actually do have classes at our church on Sunday night.(I’ve been a member for 12 years and missed that!)

But anyway. I probably look like I’m snooty. My husband says often my face looks like I’m mad. I promise you I’m neither. 

I’m a decently educated but mush-for-brains working mom trying to make sure I’m kind of holding it all together so my kids learn to act with at least a small level of decorum and a large amount of kindness.

My favorite part of blogging by a long shot is people I see regularly in life but don’t know very well, opening up and sharing their stories with me. 

How a photo I took reminds them of something from their childhood. 

How my kid eating cereal reminds them of raising their kids.

Thank you friends. Thank you for commenting, for sharing your stories and for talking to me. 

Thank you for reaching out and making me part of your real-life community. I love you for it!

Happy Monday evening friends.

Today is Sunday.

The girls and I did housework while Lynn checked on the cows today. He had a couple calves he wanted to check back up on. 

This cow had her bull-calf on the edge of the creek. When it was born, it slid down the bank into the creek. Luckily they were able to get it out before it suffered any ill effects. Mama cow and calf didn’t figure out nursing right away so Lynn put her in the nice dry barn so he could check on their progress. 

Both are doing well. This straw filled barn hallway is a peaceful place to start life.
In order to not disturb the Cow and her calf we told the girls to not talk around them. High pitched kid voices can upset tense livestock.
Claire volunteered to carry the empty bucket that we used to refill the cows big water bucket

Then Lynn installed something that ever-so-thoughtful Santa put in his Christmas stocking….A rain guage. Claire thought the drill was too loud…she might be a little dramatic.


One worker, one supervisor, and one dramatic ear coverer

Then Lynn checked on another calf and Caroline held the gates. Because she’s “Daddy’s big helper”

As usual Claire had a good time. It’s pouring rain now, glad it held off while we were outside.

Have a good week friends.

Not invited to the party

This morning after her breakfast I was changing Claire’s diaper. 

(Yes. I know she’s almost three…And STILL mostly in diapers. I know she’s too old. Somebody needs to come get her to change her stubborn little mind about how fabulous big-girl-undies are)

I asked her to give me her pacifier. 

(Again. I know she’s too old for it! But, I’m making up this parenting thing as I go)

She said “No”. And smirked at me.

I quit smiling and TOLD her to give me the Paci.

“Nope” she laughed in my face.

I probably was making the scary face that renders normal kids speechless as I removed it from her stubbornly gritted teeth and tossed it over to her bed. (My scary look does nothing to intimidate Claire)

“Mama! Dat not nice! You not vited to my birthday!” 

(She just uninvited me from the birthday party **I** am throwing)

Oh no she didn’t.

I told her that there is not a party unless I am there because I make it happen . 

(Lynn was snickering at me around the corner for saying “I make parties happen”)

Claire wasn’t impressed either. But we had to go to work and school. Since the girls squabbled all the way to school (and lost cartoon privileges for the day) I didn’t pursue it further.

So tonight at dinner she brought up her birthday cake, and said something about strawberries (or dawberries as she calls them)

She looked at me and her eyes gleamed with mischief. “You not vited”

Me “Well, I always bring the cake to the party. So I guess I’ll have to eat it all by myself since I cant bring it now that I’m not invited”

Caroline, ever helpful pipes up “Mmm. I’ll go with Mama and help her eat cake”

Claire “You vited! You vited! Don’t eat all my cakeeeeeee”

Me “I’m only bringing cake if Daddy, me, and Sissy can come” 

Claire “And Mamaw, and Papaw, and Jon” (She calls Will, Jon because it makes him mad….She’s a rascal)

So maybe with the help of the 5 year old I won that round. Who knows what tomorrow’s challenge(s) will be!

The talker

Caroline has taken a break from challenging my “mom-authority”.


(Claire has stepped up to fill big sisters spot, so don’t worry that I’ll forget how to work with stubborn little girls.)

Since we aren’t going round-and-round, I’ve noticed something…The kid is a talker.

We were working on the kitchen chairs.

 (I had tried to stain them, it didn’t work out so I stripped them and scraped them and she was helping me wipe off the dust. )

I looked at my clock when this conversation started yesterday. FOUR HOURS. Four solid hours of conversation puncuated only by moments of humming and singing and she had more to go.

I’m so glad she is smart enough to have that many thoughts. 

Now, if only my brain can keep up. Because at this point, it’s not!


Holding down the homefront

Claire had a haircut after work today and I got my bangs trimmed. Since we were a little later than expected, Lynn cooked dinner and I showered and bathed the girls. I’ve been fighting a cold so I was so happy to have him cook. Since we both work, we both have to pitch in some to get all the household stuff done. (So quit thinking I’m a big slacker)

Fried eggs, Fried potatoes and Mary B’s biscuits. That’s what’s cookin’.

After we ate it was my phone that rang instead of Lynn’s with news of a car through the fence. (The same fence that was run through the end of November by the Lowe’s truck) 


It’s cold outside, and the girls are all clean in their jammies. (I said CLEAN, not CALM. Both clean AND calm would be a miracle)

 For half a second I wanted to pretend no one had called and go on and enjoy a family night all warm and snuggled up.

But then I remembered I have common sense (sometimes I forget that) and I hurried to tell Lynn before he jumped in the shower. 

He put his dirty clothes back on, and I gave him the super-cool stocking cap with a LED light in it that the super-cool-and-awesome Santa put in his Christmas stocking.

He’s off to fix the fence, and I’m here with the girls. I feel a little guilty to be warm and comfortable, with a belly full of warm food. 

Please people slow down driving. It’s slick out there and still pretty icy in spots. We saw a bad wreck with injury coming home today and now this person is through the fence….hopefully uninjured.

Snow boots

Every single other day this year she wants to wear her snow boots. Today, when we get snow…Know what she wears? 


This kid is killing my sanity. Good thing I love her.

Biotechnology and GMOs. What is and what’s not.

There are no GMO oranges on the market. That means you can not buy a GMO (or as the agriculture, plant geneticist and food science folks call them, Biotechnology) orange.









So, knowing that, AND after reading the ingredient list to make sure there was no corn syrup or other sweeteners in it (there wasn’t, it is 100% Orange Juice)- here’s what I saw on several brands of orange juice at the grocery store last night.




And this label was on a different brand or Orange Juice


Fear based marketing my friends.

In order to get a concise list of exactly what is available for us to purchase in the US I googled United States Department of Agriculture Biotechnology (USDA biotech) and had a look around their site.

Linked to the USDA site is  ISAAA  the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications a service that keeps the updated list of approved biotech technology.


Yes, there are 404 biotech “events” that are approved. Wow. That sounds like a lot, right?

It’s not really because included in those events are multiple varieties of the same plant. (Each variety produced must be researched and approved) Here is a link to an infographic that explains it well.

Next, realize that not all Biotechnology crops that have been developed worldwide have been researched and approved for human consumption here in the USA. 

Here is the list of EVERYTHING that has been approved for human consumption in the US. Not all of it is in production. (Obviously, if it is not in production you can’t buy it. So, for example if you buy a plum, it will not be a biotech plum since those are not in production)

And the list.


Apples (Not currently in production)

Canola (two types)

Chickory (Not currently in production)

Cotton (Cottonseed oil) 


Maize (Corn)

Melons (Not currently in production) 


Plums (Not currently in production)




Squash (Not currently in production) 

Sugar Beet

Sugar Cane

Sweet Pepper (Not currently in production) 

Tomato (Not currently in production) 


Here is the Link to where I got my information from the ISAAA

That is a total potential of 20 crops (I am counting both kinds of Canola).

13 of which are currently in production.

And that is it.

So next time you see a “No GMO Strawberry” or a “GMO free grape” you know it’s fear based marketing. I even saw “GMO Free” sprig of Rosemary at the store last week.

I agree with the Food Science Scientists, and the Plant Science Scientists and with Agriculture Professionals all over the world that Biotech agriculture is safe. It helps the U.S. produce the safest most affordable food in the world. Even as a slightly overprotective Mama, I feel 100% confident in feeding my sweet wild-girls these foods.

If you do not want to consume biotechnology, that is your choice. I don’t have a problem with you not wanting to, even though my two degrees in Agriculture (three if you count an Associates degree) tell me it is safe. But please know which crops are available as Biotech (GMO) and do not pay more to buy fear based marketing.

Stay warm in this cold weather friends. I’m going to go feed my kids a snack of corn tortillas made with corn produced by way of Agriculture biotechnology.




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