Cold, windy day.

Last week two first time Mama cows and their newborn calves were moved to the home farm for assistance getting the hang of nursing.  As they are now thriving, and yesterday it was time to move them back to where the other heifers and their calves are. Since this calf didn't particularly want to get... Continue Reading →

Mayan face tattoo

Claire decided that she wanted to give her appearance a more edgy look. Something that said "tough". While she was using a inked stamp pad, she felt the urge of creativity. Her inspiration Her re-creation It's pretty close. Much more realistic than my Pinterest fails.

The Jessicaland bubble

I live in a bubble. I call it Jessicaland. Part of it is from my easily-distracted nature.  Three times in my life (as a child, in my early twenties and again in my thirties) I have been officially diagnosed with ADHD.....I call it "OOOh, look! Squirrel!"  Once I had kids it got significantly worse. For... Continue Reading →

Today is Sunday.

The girls and I did housework while Lynn checked on the cows today. He had a couple calves he wanted to check back up on.  This cow had her bull-calf on the edge of the creek. When it was born, it slid down the bank into the creek. Luckily they were able to get it... Continue Reading →

Not invited to the party

This morning after her breakfast I was changing Claire's diaper.  (Yes. I know she's almost three...And STILL mostly in diapers. I know she's too old. Somebody needs to come get her to change her stubborn little mind about how fabulous big-girl-undies are) I asked her to give me her pacifier.  (Again. I know she's too... Continue Reading →

The talker

Caroline has taken a break from challenging my "mom-authority". Thank GOODNESS.  (Claire has stepped up to fill big sisters spot, so don't worry that I'll forget how to work with stubborn little girls.) Since we aren't going round-and-round, I've noticed something...The kid is a talker. We were working on the kitchen chairs.  (I had tried... Continue Reading →

Holding down the homefront

Claire had a haircut after work today and I got my bangs trimmed. Since we were a little later than expected, Lynn cooked dinner and I showered and bathed the girls. I've been fighting a cold so I was so happy to have him cook. Since we both work, we both have to pitch in... Continue Reading →

Snow boots

Every single other day this year she wants to wear her snow boots. Today, when we get snow...Know what she wears?  THESE. This kid is killing my sanity. Good thing I love her.

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