Jingle Bells

Claire is my youngest, the baby. It takes her a while to warm up and speak to you. I hope that she is courageous enough to ask for what she needs, and mannerly enough to ask nicely. You never can tell what kids are going to do. Tonight at her preschool Christmas performance I got... Continue Reading →

Hot late summer

The calves are still being born. This calf is a day old here, it was hidden in the grass with Mama cow closely monitoring. The girls gently petted it a couple times, which made their day. They are so soft when they are new. No matter where we go, Claire wants to wear a dress... Continue Reading →

The talker

Caroline has taken a break from challenging my "mom-authority". Thank GOODNESS.  (Claire has stepped up to fill big sisters spot, so don't worry that I'll forget how to work with stubborn little girls.) Since we aren't going round-and-round, I've noticed something...The kid is a talker. We were working on the kitchen chairs.  (I had tried... Continue Reading →

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