Tomorrow is Monday.

Good news: I finally felt about 75% living today from the devil-virus and was able to be moderately productive. The kids seem fine, which is fantastic, but they are a bit rotten for having run amok since Wednesday. Bad news: Lynn is feeling queasy now...and I'm on work assignment in Knoxville tomorrow if anything breaks... Continue Reading →

We’re going through a wheat field

"We're going through a wheat field" That's one of the lines from Caroline's school program. That kid loves the spotlight. Lynn thought it would be educational to take a wheat plant for her to show her classmates since they might not know what it looks like. Apparently, somewhere in the 4 year old lisps, "Wheat"... Continue Reading →

Carseat destruction

Driving yesterday with the kids in the backseat and something white and bulky was tossed by my ear. I grabbed it. Looked at the suspiciously smiling and hand holding kids in the backseat. Hmm. I heard a cracking sound and being on a one lane backroad I stopped. It was the CARSEAT. They pulled back... Continue Reading →

Ladybug baths and Blue Angels

Caroline is obsessed with ladybugs. Yesterday she had an argument with a friend at daycare because friend found one and wouldn't give it to her. Today, I caught her washing on in the bathroom sink with soap. It killed it. She cried. It was dramatic. I only worked a little while this morning then took... Continue Reading →

Mommy scissorhands

I am not good at cutting hair. But. The girls hair was wild... And lo and behold, I own scissors. I can fix this, right? It started by fixing Claire's side bangs. (See, we brush teeth on a mostly regular basis. Except lunchtime brushing... We neglect that.) Then Caroline asked me to cut hers too.... Continue Reading →

Tired dirty kids

If only I had the energy these two do. Running for fun And as if that wasn't enough More running for fun But they are sweet, and funny. I don't know HOW Claire doesn't sleep all night. Caroline made me this picture. Notice she spelled "Love" LOB. I LOB it. We did get to spend... Continue Reading →

Soccer Saturdays

It was a chilli morning for a soccer game. Claire was all about being outside with a ball and running around. Caroline, not so much. She wanted to trot around with her hands in her pockets. So I hollared at her to take em out. So she decided it was much too cold to do... Continue Reading →

How is it only Wednesday?

Claire isn't sleeping much lately. She's got a cold or something...and it's 10:12pm and she's already woke up wailing. (She's averaging 4-5 wakings a night this week. Killer) I'm so tired. Anyway. On a related note... I struggle to pay attention during work meetings where we are still, quiet and semi comfortable.... Despite large amounts... Continue Reading →

Mostly photos

Church was uneventful other than Claire shrieking once during prayer requests. The rest of the day we tagged along with Lynn. Then while the girls napped Lynn met the trucker to load up soybeans to haul to Alabama to sell. The trucker said he would be there at 1pm. And by 1, he apparently meant... Continue Reading →

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