The talker

Caroline has taken a break from challenging my “mom-authority”.


(Claire has stepped up to fill big sisters spot, so don’t worry that I’ll forget how to work with stubborn little girls.)

Since we aren’t going round-and-round, I’ve noticed something…The kid is a talker.

We were working on the kitchen chairs.

 (I had tried to stain them, it didn’t work out so I stripped them and scraped them and she was helping me wipe off the dust. )

I looked at my clock when this conversation started yesterday. FOUR HOURS. Four solid hours of conversation puncuated only by moments of humming and singing and she had more to go.

I’m so glad she is smart enough to have that many thoughts. 

Now, if only my brain can keep up. Because at this point, it’s not!


Mommy scissorhands

I am not good at cutting hair.


The girls hair was wild… And lo and behold, I own scissors. I can fix this, right?

Outside = less mess

It started by fixing Claire’s side bangs. (See, we brush teeth on a mostly regular basis. Except lunchtime brushing… We neglect that.)

Not in her eyes. Objective accomplished.

Then Caroline asked me to cut hers too. Well kid. If you insist. Plus hair grows back, so we are good for a few errors.

It was shoulder legenth

I put a bunch of layers in it so the curls would fluff up.

The back. (Well, obviously)

The curls will realize they are free by tomorrow and she may have an afro. But it will be OK. Those are in style….right?

Lynn didn’t seem bothered. So that’s a good sign.

Maybe I need another crafty project so I’ll let the children alone.

Happy Hump day friends.

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