Priority check

​After everything that has happened with terrible fires to the north of us in Sevier County/Gatlinburg and devastating storms to the south in McMinn and Polk counties, sad news of loss of life, sickness and yet other friends dealing with the death of dear ones..the rabid consumerism that has tried to taint the Christmas season has an especially hollow ring to it. 

It has lost its sparkly, light up, blinged out luster. (I say as I finish online ordering the plush unicorn with the light up horn that my kid wants for Christmas. Hey. I’m not perfect.)

I am especially thankful to hug my healthy-except-for-snotty-noses family tonight. 

I know its a fuzzy photo…but it makes me want to sing “Islands in the Stream” by Dolly and Kenny every time I see it….and THAT makes it an awesome photo
I know yall have probably already seen this…but I love those three.

I am thankful God loves us and sees all of us as valuable, even those who are especially hard to get along with. (That needs to influence my thinking more than it does now…HEY LOOK. I made a New Years resolution EARLY. It’s a miracle! *Patting-self-on-back*  ) 

I’m thankful for friends, and for the kind strangers that I am continually running into.

I’m thankful to have been witness to thoughtfulness, generosity, and people putting the needs of others before their own wants. That has been a breath of sorely needed fresh air.

I’m so thankful to be starting out the advent season feeling so thankful…

Ok. I’ll stop. But, really I am so humbled by all the things I have to be thankful for. 

Next time I promise to tell you some of the wild/funny/horrible things my kids have done and not be so boring and serious.

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2 thoughts on “Priority check

  1. Especially touching. Thanks, as always, for sharing


    1. Thank you 🙂


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