How to cook for a farmer

Step 1: Ask him when he wants to eat

Step 2:Since you already know he is going to be late (because cows hate for you to eat a hot lunch) have the food ready 30-45 minutes after his stated time

Step 3: Check the time and realize he’s an hour late

Step 4: Answer the phone and hear what farm problem is making him late. (Today a heifer had a calf in the cold rain and is refusing to mother it or even acknowledge it. Apparently carrying a 90lb wet calf a long distance in the rain through a swampy marsh doesn’t do much to add Holiday Cheer to a Farmers heart. Imagine that.)

Step 6: Feed the kids…And go ahead and feed yourself. No need in having two hangry spouses. (That never ends well)

Step 7: Make him a plate and put it up of of the kids reach (or, if you aren’t feeling fancy just put the pans in the fridge)

Here is there terribly unhealthy Christmas Eve lunch I made today. I know it’s not healthy, but it’s his favorites…And it’s Christmas eve!

Merry Christmas Friends!

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