That fabulous mess of a Caroline

Caroline has been in need of some new church shoes.

I’ve always said I’d not let my girls wear heels until they were teenagers. (You know where this is going)

We went to the mall and her eyes landed on these patent leather delights. 

Oh Mama. I’m a big girl now.

She tried them on and “Oh Mama. I feel fabulous” while practicing walking. (Much better than me in heels) 

I texted Lynn and he gave the OK and I told her she could have them. She’s been really nice lately, and very helpful today.

I asked her to pick out a few presents for people she knows well.

She was a shopping machine…Selecting items carefully and precisely.

When I made a suggestion of something I thought would work she politely but firmly said

 “Oh, no this will not do. This is not her at all. Please. You told me I could do this. Please let me.”

I laughed out loud, but backed off and trusted her to shop. (Obviously I was closely watching her so no child snatchers would take her)

She did an excellent job. She is very thoughtful and detail oriented.

If I can teach her to retain her assertiveness but to also be kind and caring, I will have accomplished a lot. 

And she can be a little fancy, and a little farm girl. That is the best of both worlds.

Pony brushing
This mainly gentle, but kind of bratty pony is the perfect match for Carolines personality. Just challenging enough to keep her interested, but not frustrating.
The bottle calves are weaned now…but are still pets.
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