My funny and good looking lunch date

Had to go to the ENT to get Claire’s ear tubes checked. Turned out tubes are no longer functioning she also has an ear infection. BOO.

Since it was lunchtime and I wanted to spend a bit of one on one time with her we went to lunch.

The first place we went was on fire. Literally. Fire trucks everywhere, firemen of the roof – the whole shebang.

We settled on a deli.

She loved her pizza

This place included a soft serve cone with every meal. Hurray.

Claire took NO LESS than 30 minutes to eat hers. After each bite she rolled her eyes back and said “YUM!” It was a puddle by the time she was done so she resorted to licking it off the napkin.

Oh Claire.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY friends. That is something to celebrate!

My kid ran away today

Claire was by my side while I talked to her teacher about a minor scrap she got into with a classmate today. (I need to teach her to never start a fight she can’t win….JUST KIDDING)

She yelled “get Sissy” and ran out the door. I looked over my shoulder to grab her lunchbox while I walked after her. When I looked back, she was GONE.

Oh, crap.

I looked in big sis’s classroom. No Claire.

What a hassle.

Up and down the hall. No Claire.

I’m going to have to make her hold my hand always.

In the bathroom. No Claire.

This is not good.

Panicking I tried the parking lot. No Claire. (Unless of course she’s already been kidnapped and stuffed in a trunk)

Now my heart is beating in my ears and I’m fixing to cry.

I looked outside again, in each of the rooms, behind the toys she likes to hide behind NO CLAIRE.

Almost in full meltdown/panic mode and…

I hear…”Is this yours?” And I see Carolines teacher holding a reluctant Claire by the hand. She had crowded in with a group of kids and parents and slipped through the door to the playground, and then made it through the playground gate the same way.

So this afternoon I had a minor heart attack, aged 10 years and got twice as many grey hairs as I already have to hide. And Claire got in trouble for running off. (Even though technically she DID tell me where she was going. )

For some reason I dont think she feels guilty for scaring me to death.

Pinteresty weekend

I’ve been collecting things for “projects” for a while now. I like projects.

First to keep the girls busy.

They will paint until there is no more paint left.

And of course Easter eggs.

This is before the fight broke out. "Shee touched my egggg"

Project 1.

Magnetic makeup board. Sheet of metal stuck on the wall with command strips and hot glued magnets to the makeup. Easy Peasy.

Took 45 minutes tops, despite constant interruptions.

Project 2.

A hat bow holder for each girl. Thrift store frames, chicken wire and spray paint.

They are delighted. I'm glad they are no longer all over the bathroom counter.

Project 3.

Jewlrey wall hanger. Another thrifted picture frame, wooden  dowels, cup hooks, drawer pulls and a little paint. This was the hardest one, but still not hard, despite Claire’s best attempts to sabatoge…I mean help me.

I'm going to make sure the glue has cured a few days before I put more on it.

Have a wonderful Easter celebration friends.

My 4-H kid

An 11year old in my 4-H club meeting and I had this conversation today when the 4-H officers were done leading the business meeting.

Kid: “Ms Waters? Can I have your gavel?”
Me: “No. Why do you want it?”
Kid: “Because I’m going to court tomorrow”
Me: “Court? How come?”
Kid (Looking down): “I dunno”
Me: “Ha-ha, Speeding ticket?”
Kid: “No” (a huge grin spreading across his face) “Tomorrow, I’m getting  adopted!”

I congratulated him and high fived him.

**all the feelings** Seriously, put some things in perspective for me.

It was also a 4-H baking contest day….so I had a “healthy” breakfast….you know. Gotta taste them to judge them….it’s FOR THE CHILDREN! Hahaha.

They all did a fantastic job.

My “real” children matched today. They are a mess! Mostly Claire. Claire is a mess.

Me: Smile! Claire: Flashes me

Speaking of Claire… I asked her to pick up the candy, sock and toy she threw on the floor. It appears she decided not to.

I gotta focus on my follow through when making the kids pick up after themselves

Thanks for reading, friends.

School Fashion and Soccer

I try to let my kids be as independent as they want to. It increases their confidence and helps me save what’s left of my sanity.

Claire still needs me to put her diaper on and most of the time dress her. Sometimes if it’s an easy outfit she can dress herself if I lay it out. She has to put on her own socks and shoes.

Caroline has been CRAZY picky about her clothes since she was about a year old. So, instead of fighting her, I just let her wear whatever Her Majesty so pleases to day care.

I’m sure the other parents think she’s a unkept child…but at least she’s clean. I have bigger fish to fry – like gulping down large amounts of coffee before wrassling the kids in the car.

If she deems an outfit “Fabwoous” then moods are better. Plus, it’s kind of funny to see what she puts together.

Knowing Caroline, she probably just has a higher level of taste than the rest of us humble folk, and we just don’t know what we are missing.

Guess which kid picked out their own clothes?

It was also Caroline’s first Upward soccer practice.

That’s right people, I’m a soccer mom.

Is she not the CUTEST thing?

Goodnight friends!

New laundry system.

My new system.
Stage 1.
Me – sort the clean clothes into baskets.
Caroline – fold towels, hand towels and washclothes and stack neatly
Claire- dance on the table naked while throwing things and laughing at at her hard working sister.

Stage 2
Me – Put clothes on hangers
Claire – (still naked) get clothes on hanger from me, run across the room, climb up the step stool and hand it to sissy.
Caroline – hang it in the closet while standing on a toy box.

It’s actually a vast improvement over the old system, which was the kids run wild while I thought about laundry, got overwhelmed with it gave up.
Plus the kids are tired. That’s a big plus.

Sisters putting away clean clothes.

Before & afters

Found an old framed print at the thrift store, wanted to make it “new” and cheerful and hang it on the wall here.

I like to change things up sometimes and since I’m running out of furniture rearranging options, the walls it is.

Before. For me there is nowhere to go but up

My goal: A bright, cheerful, kitschy wall hanging.

Using the original as a basic outline and lots of bright colored paints…here’s what I got.

After unframed - you can see the colors better here.
In its purple frame up on the wall.

I realize that it’s probably a very obnoxious piece of decor for most, but I like it. And its me that is going to look at it so….there.
And Caroline says she thinks it’s beautiful. (Doesn’t matter if she’s only 4, and has never seen good art..right?)

The girls are going to make me some to hang in small rectangular frames I painted in the same purple I painted this frame. Because purple is my favorite.

Claire is quite the grocery carrier these days. Hurray for help!

She might still like a paci, but she's a grocery carrying brute.

Four years ago today was the day sweet Caroline met my Mema. It was instant love for both, and Caroline still remembers her daily. I sure miss Mema’s kindred spirit, and all the laughter we shared!


Have a great week friends!

Manure, shoes and pies. (Warning. Poop post)

Today we saw the sure sign of spring on the Farm.

Note the dirty streaks

Yep. Manure.

But not just regular manure, the especially runny spring time manure.

It means the cows are eating some of that new spring grass, that is tender because it’s full of water, rather than the dry hay the cattle have been eating all winter.
Which is gross, but it means there is grass growing to be eaten. Which means winter is really over. So hurray for poop! (Yes – I know that makes me weird)

Sad story. My favorite shoes of all time (chaco flips) came apart today. They have been with me on most of my major life events/trips since right after we were married. I’m so sad.

My sad, sad shoes.

But, know what makes us happy? Fried Pies. (Thanks Pioneer Woman) Claire picked out the flavors, Caroline helped fill them. They turned out great I think.

I am sure these are healthy. Positive.

And then this Meme. Because it made me laugh today.


Have a great Sunday friends.

The Zoo and the booger sheets

The ratbabies myself and my friend Shannon went to the zoo.  We walked almost 4 miles. (According to fitbit)

Silly kidlets
Baby birds in the nest

I signed up for the HGTV dream home, at least 4 times. Obviously I’ll win it. Kidding. My mind is overly optimistic thought, as always.

When I got this email..I thought "I better put on pants without paint stains ASAP!"
Sister love.

I have a perfectly good set of lavender sheets that Caroline hates passionately. She says they hurt. (They are not the 700+ thread count she prefers) They have a couple bleach stains..nothing bad.
She call them the “Booger Sheets”. (Claiming they are covered with boogers even when freshly laundered)

Poor kitty is on the dreaded booger sheets

Too bad for Caroline, that I have to wash the acceptable hot pink sheets on occasion.
But they are back on her bed and all is well tonight.

The pink sheets

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