Life and Death with baby chicks

The 4-H chickens came in to our office this week. I was available to help -so I did. It's a great thing I love chickens. Way back in the day I spent many hours memorizing chicken breeds, brooding temperatures and other fun tidbits. I also showed purebred breeds in fairs and at other chicken shows.... Continue Reading →

Horse Show Saturdays

I worked this morning at our county 4-H horse show. It was a smaller than usual crowd, but everyone was happy, efficient and worked hard. I enjoy watching the kids have good rides, reminds me if all the BAD show rides I had on my crazy mean horse growing up. Good times. (Word of wisdom:... Continue Reading →

My 4-H kid

An 11year old in my 4-H club meeting and I had this conversation today when the 4-H officers were done leading the business meeting. Kid: "Ms Waters? Can I have your gavel?" Me: "No. Why do you want it?" Kid: "Because I'm going to court tomorrow" Me: "Court? How come?" Kid (Looking down): "I dunno"... Continue Reading →

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