Strep throat has hit our house. Claire and I are down and being treated. Caroline woke up this morning with a scratchy throat. Dang it. Since Lynn is neck deep in corn harvest he's not able to help by hanging out with Claire. Two kids at the doctor are quite a challenge. So I call... Continue Reading →

Hot late summer

The calves are still being born. This calf is a day old here, it was hidden in the grass with Mama cow closely monitoring. The girls gently petted it a couple times, which made their day. They are so soft when they are new. No matter where we go, Claire wants to wear a dress... Continue Reading →

Dog days

Some days just aren't a win. I took the day off today to hang out with the girls, as our babysitter had some things she needed to do today. The dog needed shots etc... and today was a good enough day for it. When I told the kids it was time to go and that... Continue Reading →

The Jessicaland bubble

I live in a bubble. I call it Jessicaland. Part of it is from my easily-distracted nature.  Three times in my life (as a child, in my early twenties and again in my thirties) I have been officially diagnosed with ADHD.....I call it "OOOh, look! Squirrel!"  Once I had kids it got significantly worse. For... Continue Reading →

Snow boots

Every single other day this year she wants to wear her snow boots. Today, when we get snow...Know what she wears?  THESE. This kid is killing my sanity. Good thing I love her.

Soccer fun

Caroline had her first soccer game today. She's playing upward soccer. Basically, since they are 4 years old they just run around the field in a little huddle and occasionally kick in the direction of the ball. And then for no apparent reason, one of the kids will randomly fall and dramatically roll...pause to see... Continue Reading →

The Zoo and the booger sheets

The ratbabies myself and my friend Shannon went to the zoo.  We walked almost 4 miles. (According to fitbit) I signed up for the HGTV dream home, at least 4 times. Obviously I'll win it. Kidding. My mind is overly optimistic thought, as always. I have a perfectly good set of lavender sheets that Caroline... Continue Reading →

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