The Jessicaland bubble

I live in a bubble. I call it Jessicaland.

Part of it is from my easily-distracted nature. 

Three times in my life (as a child, in my early twenties and again in my thirties) I have been officially diagnosed with ADHD…..I call it “OOOh, look! Squirrel!” 

Once I had kids it got significantly worse.

For example, I was physically present at church Sunday (yesterday)…but I couldn’t tell you what the sermon was about, who is on the prayer list or what songs we sang. (Sorry Preacher. I promise I try.) I CAN tell you Claire took her shoes off three times, kept her eyes open during the prayer, and laid down on the pew once…And it was hot in the sanctuary. I might have taken my shoes off as well.

Because of this sometimes I miss socially important things. 

Like the name of the nice lady I talk to every Sunday (I friended you on Facebook yesterday after church when my husband told me your name)

Like the fact we actually do have classes at our church on Sunday night.(I’ve been a member for 12 years and missed that!)

But anyway. I probably look like I’m snooty. My husband says often my face looks like I’m mad. I promise you I’m neither. 

I’m a decently educated but mush-for-brains working mom trying to make sure I’m kind of holding it all together so my kids learn to act with at least a small level of decorum and a large amount of kindness.

My favorite part of blogging by a long shot is people I see regularly in life but don’t know very well, opening up and sharing their stories with me. 

How a photo I took reminds them of something from their childhood. 

How my kid eating cereal reminds them of raising their kids.

Thank you friends. Thank you for commenting, for sharing your stories and for talking to me. 

Thank you for reaching out and making me part of your real-life community. I love you for it!

Happy Monday evening friends.


Snow boots

Every single other day this year she wants to wear her snow boots. Today, when we get snow…Know what she wears? 


This kid is killing my sanity. Good thing I love her.

Soccer fun

Caroline had her first soccer game today. She’s playing upward soccer.

Basically, since they are 4 years old they just run around the field in a little huddle and occasionally kick in the direction of the ball.

All uniformed up

And then for no apparent reason, one of the kids will randomly fall and dramatically roll…pause to see if anyone noticed..then then they realize the game goes on without them they spring up and scurry back into the pack.

I might be a bad person, but I find it laugh out loud hilarious. So try as I might to pretend to be normal, I’m all “cackle and slap my knee”

Which is probably off-putting to the other parents….I can only assume that since I’ve not made a soccer mom-friend yet.

Or maybe my soccer-mom friendlessness is because during practice and games I’m wrassling she-tiger-Claire, furiously slurping coffee and picking up the trash from the snacks Claire is eating/throwing… You know, basically looking like a crazy person.

Either way, Caroline enjoys it, Claire enjoys it and I enjoy it -so it’s a win.

My funny and good looking lunch date

Had to go to the ENT to get Claire’s ear tubes checked. Turned out tubes are no longer functioning she also has an ear infection. BOO.

Since it was lunchtime and I wanted to spend a bit of one on one time with her we went to lunch.

The first place we went was on fire. Literally. Fire trucks everywhere, firemen of the roof – the whole shebang.

We settled on a deli.

She loved her pizza

This place included a soft serve cone with every meal. Hurray.

Claire took NO LESS than 30 minutes to eat hers. After each bite she rolled her eyes back and said “YUM!” It was a puddle by the time she was done so she resorted to licking it off the napkin.

Oh Claire.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY friends. That is something to celebrate!

The Zoo and the booger sheets

The ratbabies myself and my friend Shannon went to the zoo.  We walked almost 4 miles. (According to fitbit)

Silly kidlets
Baby birds in the nest

I signed up for the HGTV dream home, at least 4 times. Obviously I’ll win it. Kidding. My mind is overly optimistic thought, as always.

When I got this email..I thought "I better put on pants without paint stains ASAP!"
Sister love.

I have a perfectly good set of lavender sheets that Caroline hates passionately. She says they hurt. (They are not the 700+ thread count she prefers) They have a couple bleach stains..nothing bad.
She call them the “Booger Sheets”. (Claiming they are covered with boogers even when freshly laundered)

Poor kitty is on the dreaded booger sheets

Too bad for Caroline, that I have to wash the acceptable hot pink sheets on occasion.
But they are back on her bed and all is well tonight.

The pink sheets

Kids eat gross stuff

With the time change we overslept and woke up as church was starting. Oops.

Cows needed feeding and groceries needed getting so we divided and conquered. Lynn took Caroline yo the farm and I took my brain-twin Claire to the store.

Oh my. I had forgotten. Taking one kid is SO MUCH EASIER… Almost what you would call pleasant. It helped Starbucks was handing out tiny sample drinks (cinnamon roll frappachino and strawberry milkshake)

She loved it.

This afternoon I was watching both girls play and Claire was “fixing” her Jeep.

Maybe a mechanic one day?

Then I get distracted by something, and a few minutes later I hear Claire crunching on something with a little dribble going down her chin (ew). At that moment, I remembered that I had forgotten to get them a snack .

Me: “Claire…what are you eating?”

Claire: (proudly holding it in her hand and showing me) ” Mmmnn. Kitty feed. Want some? ” (trying to poke some in my mouth….she’s fast)

Me: Flailing dramatically. “No! Gross! Shew! Spit it out!”

Claire was greatly amused by my reaction and quickly wiped her drooling mouth on my sleeve while chuckling to herself. Then she turned around and ran off.

Ew. Kids. Gotta love em.

Painting and picking up.

The girls are giddy with the freedom of spring break. And by giddy, I mean wild and raucous.

So we mostly stayed home today. They painted some, while I drank coffee and sat on the back porch. Tried to clean the house, but none of us were very motivated…so that didn’t go well.

We kidnapped my friend and took her to help get new church shoes for the girls then dinner. Every time I take them in a shoe store I swear it will be my last.

They love to paint
Claire's painting
Me: "Smile Claire" Claire: "No. NOT smile!"
Caroline loves to have her picture taken

Pony time

Claire asked to sit on the pony and the horse today. First time she’s asked to touch them. She might make a horse person yet.

First time horseback. Finally.
Sweet Caroline and her pony friend

I love these sweet, wild, crazy girls.

Kids are a mystery

So, after church I was digging through my purse looking for my phone…and at the bottom I come across this


The color doesn’t show up well, but it seems to be human hair….light brown…cut with scissors or a knife… And its straight hair. I can only guess it’s mine since its darker than the girls hair and lighter than hubbys. Also, a  pair of scissors have been stashed in my purse. Weird.

We go “help” Lynn feed after church. The girls think it’s great fun. The cows aren’t so sure.



That cloud lined up so the cow looks like she has a halo. Ha-ha.

Lynn explained to the kids what a creep feeder is. (It’s a feeder that only calves can fit in so they can get extra feed) They were super interested and ran up and spooked the calves, which spooked the kids, which being the mature parents we are made us cackle.

Anyway. Here is the girls in the tractor while Lynn and I were taking off netwrap. I think they adjusted every lever and turned every knob.


When we were done the cows were happy, the kids were happy and we all soaked up some sunshine which was glorious.




Have a great Sunday evening friends!

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