The reason I shop online

The grocery store...with well rested kids. Claire was terrible. This is how it went today. The whole entire time. I tried to make it fun, I gave boundries then disiplined, I tried to assign her jobs so she would have a purpose, and I spanked her. But like a wild animal possessed, she only wanted... Continue Reading →

King the collie

Caroline told us "all her dreams came true" this weekend. This is King, a wiggly rough coated collie pup (like Lassie) bought with her money from bottles calves she's raised. She's been saving for a dog since she was going on 3. I thought it was phase and she would forget about it. I was... Continue Reading →

Kindergarten Mom

This is my first rodeo. I have been dreading Caroline starting kindergarten since I was on maternity leave with her. Y'all already knew I am crazy like that. No surprised there. Everyone told me I would cry. It would be hard. I would miss her so much. And they look so little when you walk... Continue Reading →

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