Convictions from kid-fights.

Now, when I don't like something I typically grouch about it. So this isn't a sermon. I ain't no preacher yo. Last night my girls were griping and fighting about doing the easy tasks I asked them to do. (think, set out paper napkins and pick up trash they just threw on the floor) Tired,... Continue Reading →

Seasonal farmer spouse

If you are married to a farmer, you know this - we have seasonal spouses. Fall- kiss them everytime you see them, because you won't seen them much. Fall is harvest time, the time if year where literally you reap the rewards of a years work in the fields. On our farm that means corn... Continue Reading →

Never going back to town

It can't be my parenting, it just can't. Maybe it's my genetics...Perhaps it is the full moon that happens this week.  It just simply can NOT be that the children are taking control. Our toilet seat has been broken for a while. And our front door needs painting. So in the name of responsible home... Continue Reading →

Mourning Dove Therapy

Sunday afternoon, Caroline and I saddled our horses for some slow, laid-back riding.  It is the best time for conversations. While our horses eased their way down a dried-out muddy hill, we heard the call of a Mourning Dove. Caroline, who is really into nature and animals right now looked at me "Mama! Did you... Continue Reading →

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