Making the best of it

It happened.  I knew I shouldn't have eaten that delicious chicken salad from a cafeteria that I didn't see come straight out of the refrigerator. I knew my stomach is a big sissy and can't handle what most people have no problem with. I KNEW BETTER. But I did it anyway. I've not felt that... Continue Reading →

My 4-H kid

An 11year old in my 4-H club meeting and I had this conversation today when the 4-H officers were done leading the business meeting. Kid: "Ms Waters? Can I have your gavel?" Me: "No. Why do you want it?" Kid: "Because I'm going to court tomorrow" Me: "Court? How come?" Kid (Looking down): "I dunno"... Continue Reading →

Baking with kids

I have a work meeting tonight, so I picked up the kidlets about half an hour early so we would have time to make "fruit cookies". Caroline carefully sliced all the strawberries and is artfully arranging the fruit on top. Claire licked the beaters, ate some fruit then complained about life with the marshmallow/cream cheese... Continue Reading →

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