Wild child

After work I enjoy being outside. The girls do too.

Current they are playing with dirt, worms, sticks and a dog.

And it’s chaos.

Lots of yelling and mentions of “worm poop”

Very unladylike.

Yet very appropriate.

I am happy to have girls that are girly and wear flower crowns and ball gowns and love glitter.

I am also happy to have girls that play with worms and get actual dirt under their gnawed off fingernails. They smell of dog every evening when they come in.

Both things are good, and today I’m thankful they are both.

Well, until I start doing that laundry with ground in stains!

Have a good week friends.


Due to snow in the forecast, school was cancelled Friday. No snow arrived, but schools were closed.

I took some leave from work and Caroline helped me clean the house. Claire opted to go to daycare which was open.

I asked Caroline to unload the dishwasher, and went to scrub down the bathroom.

From the next room I hear her laugh. She yelled “Guess what Mom?!”

Me “Whattttt?”

(Because at this point she had wanted me to check/praise her progress a minimum of 6 times already on the dish unloading. Which I had dutifully done. But my enthusiasm for praise was waning)

Caroline cackled “I’m a POT-HEAD”

She had my attention now. That’s not a phrase she should know.

I scurried into the kitchen and saw this…


She was talking about an actual POT on her HEAD….not making a reference to drug culture.

The innocence of children.

Have a good week friends.

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