No nap for Me

Thank the Lord, we got rain Saturday morning. Not a whole lot...but it definitely made a difference.  After church today, the girls and I were scrambling to get socks and jackets to go "help" him feed when his phone rang. "Hello? Uh-huh. Oh. Ok. I'll be right there, mmmBye."  The girls and I had all... Continue Reading →

Walland fire

The sight is grim. Nothing between us and the raging fire except a mountain full of a whole lot of dry, dry vegetation . It is a helpless feeling. At this point it's a few miles away. Saying prayers for those of our neighbors right in the path. What a good long hard rain would... Continue Reading →

Still dry

That's not fog or smoke. That's dust.  This particular drought is limited to the southeast. That is good news for consumers. Today when I took Claire to see Lynn and his dad working (Caroline was playing at a friend's house) I was amazed at the powdery dryness of the dirt. I felt like I was... Continue Reading →

Election day

I took the day off today.  Since I early voted it was just me, the wild/feral children and a long to-do list. I told them to put some clothes on, thinking that I could wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt and at least run errands in comfort.  THIS is how they marched out of their... Continue Reading →


I've not written anything lately because my heart has been heavy. We are in drought conditions here. We also missed a record by a few days of  consecutive days above 90 degrees. We've even gotten water conservation advisory's for household use. That means instead of grazing pasture, cattle are being fed hay and have been... Continue Reading →

Sundays are our days off.

Typically on the farm, they don't start new things on Sundays. Still - livestock has to be taken care of, and loose ends have to be tied up. We go to the early service at church, so that all that needs to be checked on after can be. A lot of the time the girls... Continue Reading →

Help yourself to some eardrops.

Oh Claire. She a fiercely independent child.  Her favorite sentence is "I do it MYSELF" So I let her do it herself. A lot. Get dressed. Brush her teeth. Set the table. Get herself something to drink. Zip her lunchbox... anything she can do, I let her. So when she went in the bathroom this... Continue Reading →

Harvest time

Because of the extremely hot and dry weather we have had here in East Tn, harvest started early. Lynn works long days and comes home with no energy left, and parched from long hours in the sun with little to drink. (Don't harass me about packing him a cooler...he won't take it) Since he's utterly... Continue Reading →

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