Making the best of it

It happened.  I knew I shouldn't have eaten that delicious chicken salad from a cafeteria that I didn't see come straight out of the refrigerator. I knew my stomach is a big sissy and can't handle what most people have no problem with. I KNEW BETTER. But I did it anyway. I've not felt that... Continue Reading →

Cow update

Going through the last couple days in reverse.... The cattle are ok. (Last post) They are past the waiting period the Veterinarians said to be in alert and all is well. The fence building/county and city worker stuff seems to have been worked out, so we shall see about that. It was the kids last... Continue Reading →

Kids are a mystery

So, after church I was digging through my purse looking for my phone...and at the bottom I come across this The color doesn't show up well, but it seems to be human hair....light brown...cut with scissors or a knife... And its straight hair. I can only guess it's mine since its darker than the girls... Continue Reading →

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