Scrappy sisters

Y'all know I love my kids. Caroline is smart, organized and amazes me with the things she notices. (I never timed commercials on TV. But she does. Did y'all know that the Andy Griffith show has commercials exactly 15 minutes into it?) Claire is snuggly and polite and constantly compliments me. It's like I have... Continue Reading →

Piece of junk

It's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am terrible with machines. Copy machines, lawn mowers, all weedeaters... whatever. They just quit working when I come around. It's not my fault! I swear! Machines just die when I come close. I am innocent of any wrongdoing. It must be my elecromagnetic field or... Continue Reading →

March 11th 2018

We helped Lynn feed cattle today. After all the rain it is muddy. So muddy. Claire has established her interest in tractor driving. Sometimes she forgets where's she's going though and Lynn has to get it back on track. At one point neither Lynn nor Claire had their hands on the steering wheel and panicking... Continue Reading →

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