June finally

It's been a minute since I blogged. The entire month of May is crazy hectic and absolutely exhausting for me and Lynn both. But we've finally got a little room to breathe. Or at least I have, and happy Mama, happy life...or something along those lines. The girls are growing at lightening speed. They are... Continue Reading →

Seasonal farmer spouse

If you are married to a farmer, you know this - we have seasonal spouses. Fall- kiss them everytime you see them, because you won't seen them much. Fall is harvest time, the time if year where literally you reap the rewards of a years work in the fields. On our farm that means corn... Continue Reading →

Kids are a mystery

So, after church I was digging through my purse looking for my phone...and at the bottom I come across this The color doesn't show up well, but it seems to be human hair....light brown...cut with scissors or a knife... And its straight hair. I can only guess it's mine since its darker than the girls... Continue Reading →

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