June finally

It's been a minute since I blogged. The entire month of May is crazy hectic and absolutely exhausting for me and Lynn both. But we've finally got a little room to breathe. Or at least I have, and happy Mama, happy life...or something along those lines. The girls are growing at lightening speed. They are... Continue Reading →

Surprise blessings

We had the Flu last week.  Lynn and I were diagnosed Monday, Claire came down with a virus that acted the same way Monday night....And just when we thought we were done Caroline was diagnosed Saturday.  (Boring side note -Claire's nasal swab tested negative for the flu, and the Dr discussed false negatives with me.... Continue Reading →

The Village

Besides my kids, I'm not genetically related to anyone in the state. That made me lonely for a long time...I wanted to raise my kids in a "village" by which I mean looked after and loved by many.. And by loved, I mean loved enough to be corrected when they aren't living up to their... Continue Reading →

I woke up this morning cuddled between two warm snuggling girls, who had quietly slunk into our room during the night. I love snuggles. It snuggles was a drug, I'd be an addict. Lynn dressed the rascals and fixed their lunches. The kids went to school with no complaints. We had a much needed evening... Continue Reading →

Mostly photos

Church was uneventful other than Claire shrieking once during prayer requests. The rest of the day we tagged along with Lynn. Then while the girls napped Lynn met the trucker to load up soybeans to haul to Alabama to sell. The trucker said he would be there at 1pm. And by 1, he apparently meant... Continue Reading →

New laundry system.

My new system. Stage 1. Me - sort the clean clothes into baskets. Caroline - fold towels, hand towels and washclothes and stack neatly Claire- dance on the table naked while throwing things and laughing at at her hard working sister. Stage 2 Me - Put clothes on hangers Claire - (still naked) get clothes... Continue Reading →

The Zoo and the booger sheets

The ratbabies myself and my friend Shannon went to the zoo.  We walked almost 4 miles. (According to fitbit) I signed up for the HGTV dream home, at least 4 times. Obviously I'll win it. Kidding. My mind is overly optimistic thought, as always. I have a perfectly good set of lavender sheets that Caroline... Continue Reading →

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