June finally

It’s been a minute since I blogged.

The entire month of May is crazy hectic and absolutely exhausting for me and Lynn both.

But we’ve finally got a little room to breathe. Or at least I have, and happy Mama, happy life…or something along those lines.

The girls are growing at lightening speed. They are also flexing their strong wills, testing me and each other.

I know they will need that someday, but I might have threatened to sell Caroline to the circus today as the “girl who never stops talking sideshow”.

Probably not my proudest parenting moment.

It’s probably not too out of character for me because she laughed uproariously slapped her knee and launched into another verbose and loud story. (What kid slaps their knee? I thought that was reserved for the 65+ crowd)

Caroline is old enough to hang with the farmers all day now. Although it completely wipes her out.

Claire is not ready for that but still prefers the farm over everything else.

They are wild children, reminiscent of the feral “dog boy child” with their shrieks and climbing and leaping. And then, when I least expect it they switch gears and become polite and proper society girls and demand everyone around them use polite manners.

They are happy and loving and are thriving.

Lynn and his dad baled some 340 some bales of hay today. He sent me this picture when he got done. Quite the office view.

He is the hardest worker I know, and I hope we can teach the girls that strong work ethic.

Anyway that’s where we are now. Glad May is over, and happy it’s June.

Thanks for reading friends.

Surprise blessings

We had the Flu last week. 

Lynn and I were diagnosed Monday, Claire came down with a virus that acted the same way Monday night….And just when we thought we were done Caroline was diagnosed Saturday. 

(Boring side note -Claire’s nasal swab tested negative for the flu, and the Dr discussed false negatives with me. I’m pretty convinced that’s what hers was. )

Lynn took a total of 3 hours off work and powered on through farming with a 103 something fever…But would collapse into a feverish shivering heap when he got home. He’s a beast.

I am most decidedly NOT a beast, and couldn’t even sit upright until Thursday. I had to go back to the Dr to get a shot and more meds. (You know…Delicate flower that I am. Ha!)

It was a rough week.

But, in every cloud there is a silver lining. 

Do you know that EVERY DAY last week I had kind, generous friends that offered to bring us dinner? Every day. 

At least TWICE a day last week I received a text from someone offering to run to the store for us.

Several years ago, I prayed for friends. I asked that I would have people in my life that would help me when I needed help. People that were good. 

That prayer has been so abundantly answered…and even in my sick misery I almost cried with happiness every time someone offered. (Probably a little dramatic…But I tend towards drama when I’m sick)

To me, every offer represented an answered prayer.

I was too stubborn and prideful to accept the help. Much like three-year-old Claire, my life motto seems to be “I do it by MYSELF”. It’s ingrained in my being to do it for myself or die trying. No help will be accepted.

(I mean, if I am capable making it to the kitchen and tossing the kids a bag of crackers, a few chips-ahoy and a kool-aid pouch, then I’ve obviously got it under control right?! )
Ironically, I get such a blessing out of doing small, ordinary things to help others. And I love how it brightens others days…But to be honest (selfishly)I really love how my girls light up when they can help someone too. It does my heart good to see them begin to think about others and helping. Maybe I’m keeping that blessing away from my friends and their kids? (That’s a deep thought to ponder another day.)

It’s something I’m working on. There is normal, then there is fiercely independent…and then waaaaayy past fiercely independent there is ME. I need to reign in my reluctance to accept help, and accept the generosity of the friends that I’ve been blessed with.

It’s a lonely island of my own making. And it gets hard sometimes.

And not an island I want my girls to learn to reside on. 

So, dear friends – I promise next time I won’t be so stubborn, when I legitimately need help. Which means  in the future when I can’t hack it I’m taking you up on your offers when you extend them. (So be careful what you offer. Haha)

I love you guys. 

Have a great week.

(Pics from Fridays outing to accompany Lynn to look at some farm machinery. We lounged around in the truck instead of on the couch that day. And Claire…Using a walky-talky in fairy wings. )

The Village

Besides my kids, I’m not genetically related to anyone in the state.

That made me lonely for a long time…I wanted to raise my kids in a “village” by which I mean looked after and loved by many.. And by loved, I mean loved enough to be corrected when they aren’t living up to their potential.

I prayed about the situation, felt sorry for myself, and tried to make friends. (Mostly felt sorry for myself)

Recently I had a chance to look around  and I noticed.
Friends that will correct my ratbabies firmly, gently and guide them the right direction.
Grandparents that love them fiercely just because. If my girls learn to see themselves through their eyes they will never want for self esteem.
Daycare/Preschool teachers that encourage and support only the best behavior, and my kids are learning to rise to that challenge.
Church friends that encourage, support and love on us, and teach Caroline and Claire about God’s love.
A warm, caring and loving father that loves them more than his few words can ever fully explain. Luckily his patience and good nature shout love, and it is visible how safe and special they feel when Lynn is around.

I realized this week, I’ve got my village. My girls are surrounded by kind souls that show them love, guide them and spoil them a little. As they grow, I feel so encouraged that all these people and all their collective wisdom will be helping us navigate the future. It makes being a mom a little less daunting.

AND I know that if they ever act a-fool in public when I’m not there, somebody is going to call me and report.

So thank you my not-genetically-related-to-me village for being my family. You are there when I need you most!

Thanks friends for reading.

Wild child, diva Claire. Lord help me.
Sweet, dramatic and meticulous Caroline

I woke up this morning cuddled between two warm snuggling girls, who had quietly slunk into our room during the night.

I love snuggles. It snuggles was a drug, I’d be an addict.

Lynn dressed the rascals and fixed their lunches. The kids went to school with no complaints.

We had a much needed evening at home, with early showers and cartoons in pajamas and Tacos for dinner.

Caroline enjoyed several long stints alone in her room working on her new to her desk. (Lynns childhood desk from his parents basement) Claire snuggled me when her sister was occupied.

She loves "working" alone

Much much better day.

So thankful for that.

Mostly photos

Church was uneventful other than Claire shrieking once during prayer requests.

The rest of the day we tagged along with Lynn.

Getting feed for the heifers
Lynn's fan club
Watching the heifers and new babies come in
See the bale of hay in the middle? That's also where they get fed and some minerals are left for them. I call this the "Cow Cafe".... Even though they are heifers..
Frolicking before they got in a rock fight

Then while the girls napped Lynn met the trucker to load up soybeans to haul to Alabama to sell.

The trucker said he would be there at 1pm. And by 1, he apparently meant 3pm. Which is progress, since earlier this week he was supposed to arrive at 9am and actually got there at 6pm. Gah.

Then we had more farm family togetherness.

Lynn, Caroline and a bull.
I made the kids stay in the feed troughs so I knew where they were, they wouldn't get hurt or fall in the mud

Can’t believe the weekend is already over. Have a good week friends.

New laundry system.

My new system.
Stage 1.
Me – sort the clean clothes into baskets.
Caroline – fold towels, hand towels and washclothes and stack neatly
Claire- dance on the table naked while throwing things and laughing at at her hard working sister.

Stage 2
Me – Put clothes on hangers
Claire – (still naked) get clothes on hanger from me, run across the room, climb up the step stool and hand it to sissy.
Caroline – hang it in the closet while standing on a toy box.

It’s actually a vast improvement over the old system, which was the kids run wild while I thought about laundry, got overwhelmed with it gave up.
Plus the kids are tired. That’s a big plus.

Sisters putting away clean clothes.

The Zoo and the booger sheets

The ratbabies myself and my friend Shannon went to the zoo.  We walked almost 4 miles. (According to fitbit)

Silly kidlets
Baby birds in the nest

I signed up for the HGTV dream home, at least 4 times. Obviously I’ll win it. Kidding. My mind is overly optimistic thought, as always.

When I got this email..I thought "I better put on pants without paint stains ASAP!"
Sister love.

I have a perfectly good set of lavender sheets that Caroline hates passionately. She says they hurt. (They are not the 700+ thread count she prefers) They have a couple bleach stains..nothing bad.
She call them the “Booger Sheets”. (Claiming they are covered with boogers even when freshly laundered)

Poor kitty is on the dreaded booger sheets

Too bad for Caroline, that I have to wash the acceptable hot pink sheets on occasion.
But they are back on her bed and all is well tonight.

The pink sheets

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