It’s raining on Sunday

It stormed last night…enough that Lynn didn’t stay for sunday-school after church and went to go check fences for damage caused by falling trees in the wind.

Since it was cold and wet we stayed for Sunday school.

The girls and I had a late lunch, put on our sweatpants and cozy flannel and took an exceptionally long nap all snuggled up. (Three and a half hour nap in case you were wondering)

When we woke up, Lynn was home (the fences were mostly in good shape) and we’ve lounged around the house for the remainder of the afternoon.

Lynn made some fudge with Caroline as his assistant while I started hanging up some shelving units in the bathroom for all the girls stuff that is always on the counter area. (OK, OK. Some of it is my stuff too) 

For quality control purposes, the chocolate fudge and peanut-butter fudge had to past the “Four Waters taste test”

Contrary to traditional gender roles, Lynn is pretty handy in the kitchen and I love DIY home things so we do whatever we are in the mood to do. Being well rounded is something we want to teach the girls as well…It’s my theory that being capable in several different areas lends itself well to developing self confidence and independence.
It wasn’t adventurous and exciting Sunday but for me and the ratbabies it was a much needed restful retreat. And Lynn may or may not be dozing off on the couch with a football game playing.

Have a great and peaceful week friends.

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2 thoughts on “It’s raining on Sunday

  1. Naps and fudge, are you kidding me; sounds like a heavenly Sunday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I could certainly get used to it!


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