She works hard for the money

The girls got their first checks for working today. Each girl was given an orphan bottle calf to feed. They (along with some help) fed the calves every day, from a bottle then from a bucket with a nipple until the calves were weaned from milk replacer (basically, cow baby-formula) and on hay, feed and... Continue Reading →

The birds and the bees

I knew it was coming someday. We took a tour of Tennessee's Neyland Stadium last night. Part of the tour included the men's locker room. Being the nosey person I am, I wanted to see the orange and white bathroom.  There for the first time, Caroline caught a.glimpse of a urinal. "Mommy, what is that?!"... Continue Reading →

Love your spouse challenge

We aren't mushy people. I appreciate the thought of the love your spouse challenge,and we do love each other but ... long stories of romance and affection just aren't us. We may be totally unromantic. Or weird. But that is fine. We are weirdos together.  That brings me to yesterday (Please don't take me to... Continue Reading →

I’m not the favorite

I am not the favorite parent. Not by a long shot.  If the ratbabies have a choice to go with me or Lynn, they choose Lynn every time. Even if I'm doing something fun and he's working. It kind of hurt my pride last night when either Lynn or I had to attend a meeting,... Continue Reading →

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