Sunday at a glance

The kids used my word supply all up today…and part of tomorrow’s word supply as well.

Claire likes machinery, and unlike Caroline doesn’t appreciate animals. She made me hold her so the cows couldn’t lick her. (They wouldn’t have licked her anyway)
These girls!
Caroline leaps at their heads and tries to pet them. We told her  that you have to move slow to not spook them.

Caroline enjoys calling the cows like Lynn. 

They found some ice in a bucket and had a great time taking turns poking it

Four Waters in a tractor cab headed to unroll hay
Driving advice from a 5 year old
She just told me “I donwanna get out with the cows”
We told her she could ride in the tractor all day.
First order of business when riding with Claire…lock the door
This one has been giving up some sass lately. Note the “Caroline stink-eye” look
Switched tractors to get the one hooked up to the feed wagon
She took the sass down a notch
This new heifer calf got a new ear tag which she didn’t seem to notice and Caroline got to pet the new calf.  The cattle are so used to Lynn, a lot of times he can just walk up to a calf slip the tagger in its ear and tag it without restraining it. Very low stress on the animal…just a couple ear twitches and they wander off.
The feed is spread on the unrolled hay.
Patched a fence
This pasture of cattle didn’t need hay, but they got feed.
Milestone. She can open and shut gates by herself now.
Thanks to the rain, the winter wheat is sprouting.

Thanks for reading friends. Have a great week!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday at a glance

  1. So interesting . So glad you share.


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