Only moderately crazy.

Today I felt crazy. Even crazier than normal.

For the past 4-5 days Claire has been belligerent. 

Every single thing I have asked her has gone like this.

Me- “Claire, would you rather take your frog (toy) to your room or put it on the shelf?” (Trying to trick her into thinking she had a choice)

Claire- “No! I will not do EITHER.” Foot stomp. Pint sized dictator head tossed back squint-eyed-glare with defiantly crossed arms. 

Me- “Claire. I need you to choose a place to put away your frog or I will put it in my room until you can earn it back”

Claire- *falls dramatically on the floor, screaming, crying and kicking…Looking up just often enough to see if I am looking*

I try to not be looking. 

After much cajoling, threats, discipline and bribing she will finally do what we set out for….An hour before.

Then she frolics off and the happy place of Claire-Land is all games and giggles.

Anytime anyone else (anyone on the face of the earth but ME) asks her to do something, she smiles and pleasantly complies. 

Either something is wrong with this formerly delightful child, or she is trying her derndest (successfully) to drive me batty. 

Maybe it’s her ears. She had an ear infection a couple weeks ago and finished her antibiotics recently. 

I kind of hope for my sanity, that it is her ears. (I know. That probably makes me a horrible person.)

At the Pediatrician today, the nurse was going through the usual.

So what brings you in today? “I think Claire has an ear infection”

Any Cough? “No”

Fever? “No”

Runny Nose? “No”

Has she been complaining about ear pain or  has she been tugging at her ears? “No. Actually she tells me they don’t hurt when I ask.”

I realized then what an hypochondriac-parent I am sounding like. 

Claire is giggling to herself, looking exceptionally healthy and puttering about the room, doing her best to touch every germ-laden surface….No doubt we will be back here soon. Gosh I hate germs. 

“So, I realize she is three, and some of this is normal threenager behavior…But she has been belligerent. And she refuses to listen. And the whining…”

I trailed off, realizing how I sound. 

The nurse, kind as always smiled. 

“I just want to know if this is behavioral or if something is wrong physically so I know how to address it”

There. That sounded less emotional. Much more like  something a sane, level headed logical parent would say. Feeling more confident, I grabbed Claire. She pinched my nose HARD and yelled “HONK”….And went limp laughing.

The nurse smirked. “Oh I know. I’ve got three boys. If you are hard on them and they are sick, the mom guilt is bad”

I agreed. Mom guilt is the worst.

Turned out after the Doctors inspection, kid DOES have another ear infection. We got a prescription which will hopefully will take care of it.

Some ibuprofen and Claire’s mood was much improved this afternoon. Poor kid has been in pain. I’m glad I wasn’t hard on her. She’s tough, and has a pretty high pain tolerance- it will take a lot to completely throw her off her game.

As you can see, the little Daredevil was bound-and-determined to make it down the driveway first. Caroline wasn’t so interested in racing.

I am slowly learning that maybe you should still do what you think is the right thing, even if you look and sound like a lunatic. (Which for me is most the time anyway) 

Anyway. Have a great rest of your week friends, I hope you get some of this beautiful sunshine we did here.

Not invited to the party

This morning after her breakfast I was changing Claire’s diaper. 

(Yes. I know she’s almost three…And STILL mostly in diapers. I know she’s too old. Somebody needs to come get her to change her stubborn little mind about how fabulous big-girl-undies are)

I asked her to give me her pacifier. 

(Again. I know she’s too old for it! But, I’m making up this parenting thing as I go)

She said “No”. And smirked at me.

I quit smiling and TOLD her to give me the Paci.

“Nope” she laughed in my face.

I probably was making the scary face that renders normal kids speechless as I removed it from her stubbornly gritted teeth and tossed it over to her bed. (My scary look does nothing to intimidate Claire)

“Mama! Dat not nice! You not vited to my birthday!” 

(She just uninvited me from the birthday party **I** am throwing)

Oh no she didn’t.

I told her that there is not a party unless I am there because I make it happen . 

(Lynn was snickering at me around the corner for saying “I make parties happen”)

Claire wasn’t impressed either. But we had to go to work and school. Since the girls squabbled all the way to school (and lost cartoon privileges for the day) I didn’t pursue it further.

So tonight at dinner she brought up her birthday cake, and said something about strawberries (or dawberries as she calls them)

She looked at me and her eyes gleamed with mischief. “You not vited”

Me “Well, I always bring the cake to the party. So I guess I’ll have to eat it all by myself since I cant bring it now that I’m not invited”

Caroline, ever helpful pipes up “Mmm. I’ll go with Mama and help her eat cake”

Claire “You vited! You vited! Don’t eat all my cakeeeeeee”

Me “I’m only bringing cake if Daddy, me, and Sissy can come” 

Claire “And Mamaw, and Papaw, and Jon” (She calls Will, Jon because it makes him mad….She’s a rascal)

So maybe with the help of the 5 year old I won that round. Who knows what tomorrow’s challenge(s) will be!

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