The Budweiser Truck

Driving the girls to “school” this morning, things were quiet and I was deep in thought, when Caroline suddenly screeched “Look!! YUM! My Favorite”

After I recovered from the minor heart attack she gave me I asked her “What?”

She pointed.

Caroline says this is her "favorite"

Can you tell what it is? (Traffic was weird this morning, and the car was stopped when I took this)

We aren’t beer people. So…what exactly are they teaching them at that high priced church daycare? (Kidding. We love all those ladies)

Then she giggled and chattered on “Ice cream man, Ice cream! I looove ice cream! It’s my favorite!”

Whew. She thought it was an ice cream truck. Dodged the bullet there!

After work I took the kids to a store to pick up things for a 4-H Ice Cream Social tonight (such a tough life I lead) The checkout lanes are killer. So many temptations for the girls, but they did really well….I had to let them look though.

Walmart us always an adventure with these two

Lynn was working late tonight so the girls went to the 4-H Ice Cream Social at the park party. They had a splendid time.

And tonight I got their “gifted to us”- “painted by me” chalkboard up. They LOVE it. And it’s mostly in the kitchen so maybe it will occupy some of their time when I’m working.

Pink seemed an appropriate color.

Sweet babies.
Have a good hump day tomorrow.

Good night friends.

My funny and good looking lunch date

Had to go to the ENT to get Claire’s ear tubes checked. Turned out tubes are no longer functioning she also has an ear infection. BOO.

Since it was lunchtime and I wanted to spend a bit of one on one time with her we went to lunch.

The first place we went was on fire. Literally. Fire trucks everywhere, firemen of the roof – the whole shebang.

We settled on a deli.

She loved her pizza

This place included a soft serve cone with every meal. Hurray.

Claire took NO LESS than 30 minutes to eat hers. After each bite she rolled her eyes back and said “YUM!” It was a puddle by the time she was done so she resorted to licking it off the napkin.

Oh Claire.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY friends. That is something to celebrate!

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