How is it only Wednesday?

Claire isn’t sleeping much lately. She’s got a cold or something…and it’s 10:12pm and she’s already woke up wailing. (She’s averaging 4-5 wakings a night this week. Killer)

I’m so tired.

Anyway. On a related note…
I struggle to pay attention during work meetings where we are still, quiet and semi comfortable…. Despite large amounts of coffee I just can’t stay alert.

Plus – my mind wanders to random thoughts…then while thinking those thoughts I accidentally make faces. (example: “I wonder if a garlic blueberry bagel would be fantastic or gross”)

Today I had an all day meeting where we sat and listened, and sat and listened. And snacked…then sat back down and listened more.

So in the name of focus. (And not getting elbowed for making the daydreaming faces)

I doodled.

It helped.

I promise.

Definitely not an artist. But it was soothing and helped me pay listen.

Tomorrow is Thursday….the day after that is FRIDAY. Thank goodness.

I think I can. I think I can.

This thing I bought

I’ve been looking for a white noise machine that sounded like a fan for a while for Claire’s room. The ocean wave one Caroline has is annoying to me. (it doesn’t sound like real waves) The lullaby ones make my brain hurt.

I’m cheap, and I like to see if I can find things on the facebook yardsale sites or at thrift stores first. But, no such luck and Claire’s two…and I’d like for her to sleep all night in her own room sometime ever in my lifetime, and maybe this will help? I mean, I’d pour spring water in a silver basin under the light of a new moon if it would help – I’m desperate.

Here’s the link to what I got.

This link takes you to Amazon, but I’m sure you can buy it elsewhere if you like. But THIS one, this specific machine is exactly what I wanted. I may have to get another for me…but then I might not hear the kids at night…which might not be ALL bad! ha.

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