Soccer Saturdays

It was a chilli morning for a soccer game.

Claire was all about being outside with a ball and running around.

Whatever it is, she's usually ready.

Caroline, not so much.

She wanted to trot around with her hands in her pockets.

Self preservation is important to this one.

So I hollared at her to take em out.

So she decided it was much too cold to do much more than a slow walk….but the preferred method was stand and observe.

Y'all just run. I will wait here.

When she had a break, she made sure her sitting towell was straight with no wrinkles, and her lap coat and bottle of sprite were aligned correctly.

You can see her kneeling and straightening her "soccer supplies" on the sidelines.

Towards the end, she did briefly break into a run.

I was lucky enough to catch this rare moment on camera.

She says she loves it though. And really, who cares if she scores a goal or blocks the other team.

Her sweet little mind is a mystery to me – and that is OK.

As long as my girls love each other, it’s all alright.

I love you sissy


Soccer fun

Caroline had her first soccer game today. She’s playing upward soccer.

Basically, since they are 4 years old they just run around the field in a little huddle and occasionally kick in the direction of the ball.

All uniformed up

And then for no apparent reason, one of the kids will randomly fall and dramatically roll…pause to see if anyone noticed..then then they realize the game goes on without them they spring up and scurry back into the pack.

I might be a bad person, but I find it laugh out loud hilarious. So try as I might to pretend to be normal, I’m all “cackle and slap my knee”

Which is probably off-putting to the other parents….I can only assume that since I’ve not made a soccer mom-friend yet.

Or maybe my soccer-mom friendlessness is because during practice and games I’m wrassling she-tiger-Claire, furiously slurping coffee and picking up the trash from the snacks Claire is eating/throwing… You know, basically looking like a crazy person.

Either way, Caroline enjoys it, Claire enjoys it and I enjoy it -so it’s a win.

School Fashion and Soccer

I try to let my kids be as independent as they want to. It increases their confidence and helps me save what’s left of my sanity.

Claire still needs me to put her diaper on and most of the time dress her. Sometimes if it’s an easy outfit she can dress herself if I lay it out. She has to put on her own socks and shoes.

Caroline has been CRAZY picky about her clothes since she was about a year old. So, instead of fighting her, I just let her wear whatever Her Majesty so pleases to day care.

I’m sure the other parents think she’s a unkept child…but at least she’s clean. I have bigger fish to fry – like gulping down large amounts of coffee before wrassling the kids in the car.

If she deems an outfit “Fabwoous” then moods are better. Plus, it’s kind of funny to see what she puts together.

Knowing Caroline, she probably just has a higher level of taste than the rest of us humble folk, and we just don’t know what we are missing.

Guess which kid picked out their own clothes?

It was also Caroline’s first Upward soccer practice.

That’s right people, I’m a soccer mom.

Is she not the CUTEST thing?

Goodnight friends!

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