Help yourself to some eardrops.

Oh Claire. She a fiercely independent child. 

Her favorite sentence is “I do it MYSELF”

So I let her do it herself. A lot.

Get dressed. Brush her teeth. Set the table. Get herself something to drink. Zip her lunchbox… anything she can do, I let her.

So when she went in the bathroom this morning to brush her teeth, I didn’t think anything of it.

Until I had a few seconds of peace while getting dressed for work. Any mom of strong minded children knows that peace is terrifying.

I asked Lynn to go check on her. 

I heard him tell her “Stop. No. You don’t NEED eardrops” and I could hear a scuffle. 

I started hollaring “STOP!!! It’s GLUE” Because I knew in a flash what she had.

I had ordered some veterinary skin glue in case anything else needed minor stitches and I could glue it instead. Last night I saw the stitches were irritating the skin in my finger so I took them out and put some of the vet glue on it and some steri strips on it for strength underneath the bandaid while it finishes healing.

Yep. My two year old was trying to use Vet Bond as eardrops.

So so so glad Lynn stopped her before she got the lid off and poured it in her ear canal. So glad the lid was stuck because I was a little messy applying it last night.

Lord help us! 

(Shout out to hubby. It’s his birthday today. If you see him, sing him the birthday song!)


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