Harvest time

Because of the extremely hot and dry weather we have had here in East Tn, harvest started early.

Lynn works long days and comes home with no energy left, and parched from long hours in the sun with little to drink. (Don’t harass me about packing him a cooler…he won’t take it)

Since he’s utterly spent during this season, he doesn’t pitch in as much at home. Since I pick up the slack on that, I’m tired as well weekday afternoons.

But on weekends, when I am off work it’s easier on all of us. I had fair tickets and tickets to the football game today, but I gave them away because I’m behind on things that need to be done at home. It’s the little things that make it easier.

I have a pitcher of tea in the fridge getting cooled down so Lynn can have a tall glass as soon as he walks in. I picked up the house, so it no longer looks like hoarders live here. (except for Claire’s room, she destroyed that while Caroline and I picked up the rest of the house) I washed clothes so we will have something clean to wear next week. 

I took the girls to the grocery store, and must have scared some sense into them, because they acted like civilized children who had been taught manners.  

I still love this season, even though we are all worn down.

 You can almost feel a hint of cool in the air. There is a feeling of completion as they harvest the corn they planted in the spring into the bin.


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