Still dry

That’s not fog or smoke. That’s dust. 

This particular drought is limited to the southeast. That is good news for consumers.

Today when I took Claire to see Lynn and his dad working (Caroline was playing at a friend’s house) I was amazed at the powdery dryness of the dirt. I felt like I was in a Western movie set in the desert. 

Commerical cowherd headed to eat hay

What struck me about this is how the scenery matched Lynn’s dark brown jacket.

Usually when we need jackets outside we need mudboots too. But not right now.

Claire riding with Papaw. You can see a glimmer of pink in the cab…thats her sitting on his knee.

It will rain one day. I’d like nothing so much as for it to pour for a week. But at this point it’s too late in the season for any helpful growth. 


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