Sundays are our days off.

Typically on the farm, they don’t start new things on Sundays. Still – livestock has to be taken care of, and loose ends have to be tied up.

We go to the early service at church, so that all that needs to be checked on after can be. A lot of the time the girls go play with their grandparents and I follow Lynn around while he works. 

Then the girls take a couple hours of a late nap, and we go back to the farm to feed the bottle calves, the horses and barn cats and follow Lynn around while he’s feeding cattle around the barn.

Tonight a call came in that a calf was laying in a pasture by the road on a different farm away from the cows. So Lynn went to check…and since us girls are always up for an “adventure” we tagged along. 

How many of us can you fit on a poor old 4-wheeler? Too many!

So after looking for the Mama cow, which was eventually located we went to fetch the baby. 

She needed help getting back with her Mama, although she sure didn’t think so.

She was a lively calf and didn’t want to be caught. So the girls and I moved away so as not to scare her so Lynn could chase her, catch her and put her on the 4-Wheeler and reunite her with her mother.

So what did I do? Take pictures of the kids…not that they were very cooperative. (I hope they were more cooperative on school picture day last week)

I love these crazy kids

This picture of the girls is minutes before the worst diaper explosion in over a year… I think I will need therapy to cope with it. Horrific.

After some toddler nudity on Claire’s part and some cringing on my part, we got life pulled back together and Lynn returned on the 4-Wheeler and we headed home for showers, supper and bedtime stories.
The video is of Claire on her 5th attempt to open the truck door. The previous 4 tries she opened it, but would swing from the handle while the door bounced open and then it would close again. So this is her 5th try. I’m sure there is a lesson in resilience in there somewhere. My favorite part is when she triumphantly says “I do it!”

I like sunset and old gates

Thanks for reading friends. Have a good week!


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