Saying prayers 

Last night as I was tucking my sweet girls into their beds.

First, Caroline. She says special bedtime prayers. First she prayed (she’s very thorough in her prayers- I’m so thankful for this kid who a lot of the time is absolutely nothing like me) for people who might be sick, and thankful prayers for all she had done that day. The. She prayed for Sierra Leone and all of Africa.

After she was done, I asked her what was happening in Serria Leone.

Patiently to me she said “Oh Mama. Their country has had a war. It is very hard. Then the people got sick.”

Me. “Oh, ok, thanks for explaining. ” (Figured I’d Google it later to find out what on earth she was talking about)

What a sweet kid she can be.

Then I go to Claire’s room. 

She squealed softly “Mama! Snuggle me!”

I laid down next to her to snuggle and asked her if she wanted to say bedtime prayers. 

She ignored my words and used her hands to make chopping motions at me. 

Me “Claire. What are you doing?”

Claire “I chopping your head off with my scissor hands” (wild laughter)

Probably not normal threenager​ behavior.

Me “Claire that is NOT nice. Do not ever say that again.” I looked as stern as I could.

Claire “Ok. No problem. Look, I cut your hand off!” Making chopping motions at my hand.

Me ” If you cut my hands off, who is going to change your diaper?” (Yes. STILL in diapers. *Sigh*)

Claire “Hahahahah. I just tickle you then. No more chopping!”

These two opposite children. They keep my life interesting.

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