When y’all realized I am crazy…

Between Three Waters

It appears we have reached the teenage years at age 4.

Yesterday I chauffeured Caroline, her friend and Claire to a birthday party last night.

It was supposed to be a pool party, but it stormed with a lot of wind and thunder and lightening.

Obviously no swimming.

When I loaded up the kids she started.

Caroline : Why you not let me swim

Me: Because there was lightening and I didnt want you to die

Caroline:(30 minutes of complaints and whining)

Me: Caroline, I cannot allow you to continue to treat me like this.

I dropped off the friend, picked up some dinner for Lynn and the backseat situation was drastically escalating.

Me:(repeating to myself, don’t engage – she is looking for a reaction)

Caroline: You are the MEANEST MOMMY EVER! I want to live with someone ELSE! Aaaahhh! Wooohoooo!HELP!(Pounding the back of my seat…

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